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  • Subscription Club

    What is a Subscription Business Model and How to Build Yours in 6 Simple Steps

    Companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify have sparked a subscription startup revolution over the past decade. According to a Zuora survey, the subscription economy has grown more than 435% over the past decade. And this booming industry is not just limited to magazines, movies and music. Other monthly subscription startups like Winc (Wine), Birchbox (Makeup), […]

  • What is Clubhouse? A Beginner’s Guide

    Keeping up with the latest and hottest social media apps can be tiring. But staying on top of trends can be highly beneficial to your business–and, let’s be honest, delving into any social media buzz can even be fun. That’s why it’s time to brush up on Clubhouse. While TikTok and Instagram are largely powered […]

  • The .CLUB Holiday Gift Guide: Get Ahead on your Holiday Shopping!

    The final days of 2021 are here, so people are super busy, trying to finish all their work before enjoying the Holiday season. It is also the time to plan for all the holiday gifting for family, friends, and colleagues. With most of the shopping today being done online, it is a no-brainer that supply […]

  • Inside ClubPod.club with Founder & Podcast Expert, Steve Olsher

    “People are really listening and want to consume all of the content that is there and available. There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you don’t otherwise find. And now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom — and that boom is only getting louder.” Miranda Katz, […]

  • Clubhouse Provides Businesses VIP Access to Top Entrepreneurs

    The latest social frenzy comes in the form of an audio-only app called Clubhouse. The live, audio-based platform is dedicated to conversations happening in real-time globally with an emphasis on connecting and learning. The app is unique in that there are no posts to make, pictures or videos to upload or watch. Clubs and users […]

  • Don’t Miss These Five Highly-Rated Subscription Clubs!

    A Great Way To Sell And Give Products A Try! Everyone loves regularly receiving packages at our doorstep, so why not consider sending a subscription club membership as a gift this holiday season! Subscription box clubs are a great way to sample new products that have been curated by experts. Subscription clubs are fun, super […]

  • Stream.club Secures $2.1 Million Pre-Seed Funding

    Streaming live events, virtual conferences, and online classes are here to stay! Many of us would agree to have a great connected experience, it is important to have a robust online platform. Enter Stream.club, a great tool that creators, vloggers, bakers, or anyone for that matter, can use to forge richer, deeper, and more emotional […]

  • It’s Official: .CLUB + GoDaddy Registry = GoDaddy.CLUB!

    We are very pleased to say .CLUB is now officially part of GoDaddy Registry. In April, we announced GoDaddy Registry would acquire .CLUB, and the transaction recently closed giving the .CLUB top-level domain a new home. We are excited to work together to transition .CLUB to GoDaddy Registry using our collective strengths to further the .CLUB […]

  • Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving this Father’s Day!

    Father’s day is today, and we are sure, like many of us you haven’t still figured out a gift for your father’s yet. We must make sure our fathers feel special for being great dads, role models, and mentors on this day. So we are here to save the day by giving you five amazing subscription […]

  • We are Joining the GoDaddy.club!

    Just weeks away from the 7th anniversary of the .Club launch, we are excited to announce that GoDaddy Registry is acquiring the .Club domain extension.  This means, once the deal closes, the .Club extension will have a new home. Our team is infinitely grateful for the opportunity that allowed us to participate in this historical time for the domain name industry when new domain choices were finally made available.  We look forward to seeing our registrar partners and […]

  • Livingto100.club

    Inside Livingto100.club with Founder, Dr. Joseph Casciani

    “Ageing is just another word for living.” -Cindy Joseph Aging is an idea and process that most of us find hard to cope with or are anxious about. With advances in science and medicine, people are living longer than before. However, according to psychologist Dr. Joseph Casciani, aging can be relaxing and fun with the […]

  • Comedy.Club LIVE! (video)

    With events moving online and many of us suffering from “Zoom Fatigue” the .CLUB team wanted to do something fun and different to socialize with our registrar partners around the NamesCon.Online conference. Normally, we’d be wining and dining together in person, but alas, in 2020 that is not to be. And we didn’t want to […]

  • Inside MCL.Club with Founder, Michael Gilmour (video)

    “The more knowledge you’ve got, the more understanding you have, the better you are able to implement and pass it on to others.” – Tony Orlando The domain industry is a great business to be in. With growing internet penetration and a rising number of entrepreneurs worldwide, more people are getting online and looking for […]

  • Inside Origami.Club with Founder, Marcio Okabe (video)

    Passion should be the fire that drives your life’s work. – Michael Dell At .CLUB we always want to live by our tagline, ” Your Passion. Your .CLUB”. We are firm believers in the power of ‘passion’ and recognize that a .CLUB domain name is ideal for anyone who wants to express their passion by […]

  • brand

    Why a Branded Online Presence is More Important Today Than Ever Before!

    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were plenty of businesses that survived solely offline. Unlike online businesses, these businesses were either around for a long time, were physically located on busy streets, had recurring customers, or provided a really great product or service that people loved. Some of them may not even have a distinctive name […]

  • Inside Council.Club with Founder, Najeeb Khan (video)

    “ A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”-Duke Ellington In essence, all entrepreneurs are problem solvers. The market of the world needs to address a problem or a need, and the entrepreneur finds a solution and creates a business around it. In recent times, remote working, as opposed to the usual […]

  • Take a Ride with the Cycling Boom

    Bicycles have again become one of the most common short-distance modes of transportation, thanks to COVID-19. As reported in India & the USA, bicycle sales during the past few months have boomed. After more than 500 years of development from a prototype of Da Vinci’s manuscript in 1490, the sale of bicycles had gone down […]

  • Q1 & Q2 2020 .CLUB Premium Name Sales Report

    Q1 & Q2 – 2020 .CLUB PREMIUM NAME SALES REPORT The first half of 2020 has presented immense challenges to individuals and businesses everywhere as together we face the impact of a global pandemic. While many industries have seen a resulting downturn in sales, the domain industry in general has not been hit as hard […]

  • Lose that long domain name for your Golf Club and engage your community!

    Nowadays, an internet presence is essential for any growing and popular business or organization. During these unusual circumstances of lockdowns and quarantine, online is where people are spending most of their time, and getting most of their information and communications. This makes it especially important for organizations and companies to have an active and engaging […]

  • Catch.club - Endrit Muca

    Inside Catch.Club with Endrit Muca, CMO, Namesilo (video)

    “Ideas Won’t Keep. Something Must Be Done About Them.” – Alfred North Whitehead We at .CLUB love ideas! We believe that it is from these ideas that new businesses, new entrepreneurs, and new solutions evolve. We are sure many of us register a domain with just an idea in mind. These days with businesses adopting […]

  • Four Super Gifts that ‘keep on giving’ for Father’s Day!

    Father day is around the corner and I am sure some of us are still scrambling to come up with good last-minute gift ideas for our greatest dads! How about this time, let’s ditch the usual one-time golf Clubs, best dad mugs, and multi-toolsets and send dad something that will last long past Father’s Day? […]

  • Some Activities to Enjoy Outdoors with some Social Distance!

    This is the final post in our’ Stay at Home’ series as thankfully, many places around the world are slowly beginning to loosen stay at home restrictions. Still, as we start to venture out again, it is strongly recommended to continue to practice social distancing. With that in mind, we thought we would focus this […]

  • fitness

    Say Goodbye to the Couch! Find Fitness During your ‘Stay at Home’ Time

    This is the latest post in our’ Stay at Home’ series. In our past posts, we introduced some cooking-related websites, exciting hobbies, thrilling games, book clubs, and online course resources. In this post, we are going to pump you up by sharing some online fitness websites. Gyms may be closed, but these websites can help […]

  • It’s Been a Super Six!

    Happy Birthday to us (and all thanks to YOU!) Today .CLUB celebrates 6 years since our launch, and it has been a SUPER Journey! We have made some super memories, visiting with partners, registrants, and friends around the world. We have seen so many super websites and businesses created using a .CLUB domain. Seeing the […]

  • Book Club

    Join a Book Club! More Things to do During your ‘Stay at Home’ Time

    This is the latest post in our’ Stay at Home’ series. In our past posts, we introduced some cooking-related websites, exciting hobbies, and thrilling games. In this post, we are going to share some reading-related sites. Some of them provide a new book list for you, and others offer reading communities that can let you […]

  • things to do game club

    Game On! More Things to do During your ‘Stay at Home’ Time

    This is the latest post in our ‘Stay at Home’ series. In our last two posts, we introduced some cooking-related websites and exciting hobbies. In this post, we are going to help you get your game on and introduce a few cool games you can play during your stay at home time. Playing games is […]

  • A Simple Way to Brand your Zoom Meetings

    The Zoom Boom is clearly underway. With millions of Americans sequestered at home, business communication tools like Zoom are not only saving the day for folks who are working from home, but they have become an essential way for anyone to gather with friends and family and still comply with social distancing guidelines. Group video […]

  • Seeking a New Hobby? Things to do During your ‘Stay at Home’ Time

    This is the second post in our ‘Stay at Home’ series. In our last post, we introduced some cooking-related websites. In this post, we share some interesting hobbies which you may not have considered before. Maybe one of these will spark your interest and help you fill some time and add some enjoyment while we […]

  • What’s Cooking? Things to do During your ‘Stay at Home’ Time

    The past few weeks, and for some people around the world, even longer, have been very difficult as the guidelines to help prevent the spread of the  COVID-19 virus have placed us in a ‘stay at home’ situation. Our regular schedules have been disrupted as we adjust to being confined to our homes. On the […]

  • Celebrating Women in the .CLUB: From Entrepreneurship, to Fashion, to Whiskey, and more

    According to FORBES, ‘With women now making up a whopping 40% of new entrepreneurs, it’s clear that more women are turning to entrepreneurship than ever before” and “the number of women-owned businesses increased nearly 3,000% since 1972 according to the “2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report” commissioned by American Express.” This is impressive and exciting […]

  • The Rise of the Fast Fashion Club

    The months of February and September are known as fashion months. Why? Because multiple fashion weeks are held in the big four fashion capitals- New York, London, Milan, and Paris. February displays the ‘fall collections’ while the ‘spring collections’ are displayed in September. One of the most important topics discussed over these fashion weeks is […]

  • 新春快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!

    Welcome to the Year of the Rat! The .CLUB team wishes you a Happy New Year! From the time MIIT approved the sale and registration of .CLUB in 2016, we have been committed to growing .CLUB in the Chinese market, where the word “club” is widely used and recognized. We are very happy to have […]

  • Here’s to 2020 In the .CLUB!

    A new year and new decade is here! 2020 has begun! With the registry application process having started in 2011, we have spent much of the past decade working on .CLUB, and our success today is largely thanks to all of your great support. Thank YOU! We ended 2019 with over 1.5 million names registered […]

  • Successful Companies using .CLUB names in China!

    Every brand, big or small, has a unique name. Some brands prefer to combine names with their products or services, and some come from the founder’s personal history or family name. But more and more entrepreneurs choose to create a new ‘word’ for their brand which may or may not have a recognized meaning. And […]

  • .CLUB Websites in the News – July 2019

    Every month we come across some great businesses and communities who have joined the .CLUB. In July, we had a number of ‘.CLUB member’ sightings in online articles and news. Below (and in the video above) are a few of our favorite ones demonstrating different business verticals. WeFit.club – A network of 15+ gyms located […]

  • .CLUB Websites in the News – Week of May 31, 2019

    Our team at .CLUB are on the constant lookout for live .CLUB websites that turn up on blogs, news websites and other media. We are always encouraged by how creatively people have used a .CLUB name for their business or community. Listed below are the websites featured in our lastest “.CLUB Websites in the News” […]

  • .CLUB Websites in the News – Week of May 21, 2019

    Our live sites featured in the news from the week of May 21 highlight the global reach of the .CLUB domain extension. From a photographer’s collective club in New Jersey,  to a Sons and Daughters of Italy Lodge (also in the US), to a Russian community food recipe site, and a Mexican Alternative Music Site. […]

  • Grab New Lower Priced .CLUB Premium Names from your Favorite Registrar!

    Twice a year we make adjustments to our premium name inventory available at registrars around the world and we just released our latest update. If you’re in the market for a great, SEO friendly, brandable KEYWORD domain this is our best update yet. In order to make certain names available at registrars, we had to […]