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  • Celebrating Women in the .CLUB: From Entrepreneurship, to Fashion, to Whiskey, and more

    According to FORBES, ‘With women now making up a whopping 40% of new entrepreneurs, it’s clear that more women are turning to entrepreneurship than ever before” and “the number of women-owned businesses increased nearly 3,000% since 1972 according to the “2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report” commissioned by American Express.” This is impressive and exciting […]

  • The Rise of the Fast Fashion Club

    The months of February and September are known as fashion months. Why? Because multiple fashion weeks are held in the big four fashion capitals- New York, London, Milan, and Paris. February displays the ‘fall collections’ while the ‘spring collections’ are displayed in September. One of the most important topics discussed over these fashion weeks is […]

  • 新春快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!

    Welcome to the Year of the Rat! The .CLUB team wishes you a Happy New Year! From the time MIIT approved the sale and registration of .CLUB in 2016, we have been committed to growing .CLUB in the Chinese market, where the word “club” is widely used and recognized. We are very happy to have […]

  • Here’s to 2020 In the .CLUB!

    A new year and new decade is here! 2020 has begun! With the registry application process having started in 2011, we have spent much of the past decade working on .CLUB, and our success today is largely thanks to all of your great support. Thank YOU! We ended 2019 with over 1.5 million names registered […]

  • Successful Companies using .CLUB names in China!

    Every brand, big or small, has a unique name. Some brands prefer to combine names with their products or services, and some come from the founder’s personal history or family name. But more and more entrepreneurs choose to create a new ‘word’ for their brand which may or may not have a recognized meaning. And […]

  • .CLUB Websites in the News – July 2019

    Every month we come across some great businesses and communities who have joined the .CLUB. In July, we had a number of ‘.CLUB member’ sightings in online articles and news. Below (and in the video above) are a few of our favorite ones demonstrating different business verticals. WeFit.club – A network of 15+ gyms located […]

  • .CLUB Websites in the News – Week of May 31, 2019

    Our team at .CLUB are on the constant lookout for live .CLUB websites that turn up on blogs, news websites and other media. We are always encouraged by how creatively people have used a .CLUB name for their business or community. Listed below are the websites featured in our lastest “.CLUB Websites in the News” […]

  • .CLUB Websites in the News – Week of May 21, 2019

    Our live sites featured in the news from the week of May 21 highlight the global reach of the .CLUB domain extension. From a photographer’s collective club in New Jersey,  to a Sons and Daughters of Italy Lodge (also in the US), to a Russian community food recipe site, and a Mexican Alternative Music Site. […]

  • Grab New Lower Priced .CLUB Premium Names from your Favorite Registrar!

    Twice a year we make adjustments to our premium name inventory available at registrars around the world and we just released our latest update. If you’re in the market for a great, SEO friendly, brandable KEYWORD domain this is our best update yet. In order to make certain names available at registrars, we had to […]

  • .CLUB Websites in the News – Week of May 14, 2019

    Everyone has a passion that can be expressed as a club! From Seniors to Mothers to Hikers and more, here are a few of the great .CLUB websites in the news recently! Featured sites in the video above include: RaceRoom.clubOakCliffLions.clubGoodway.clubSeniorsOnly.clubStrongasamother.club When your product is a domain name, your customers promote you every time they promote […]

  • .CLUB Sites in the News – Week of May 7, 2019 (video)

    This week there are .CLUB businesses in the news all over the world, from Germany and France, to Portugal, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of the early .CLUB websites, Tilde.club, is even mentioned in WIRED. There’s a reason we use the #ClubIsEverywhere! Websites featured in the media this week include: Tilde.clubPrivate-Collectors.clubOldsport.clubHospitalityIndustry.clubTridentAquatics.clubAutores.club Watch the video above for […]

  • .CLUB Sites in the News: Week of April 30, 2019

    From a Comedy Club to a Running Club, from Whisky to Vinyl Records, and more, a wide range of .CLUB websites are in the news again from the US to the UK! Check them out in this week’s video highlights…#ClubIsEverywhere! The businesses included in this video are: Quayside.clubComedyLoft.clubMagnoliaRecord.clubGoldenKnights.clubChairhouse.clubHaroldWoodRunning.club Have you spotted a .CLUB business in […]

  • Happy 5th Birthday to Us, Thanks to YOU!!!

    Like many 5 year old’s we’re feeling a bit rambunctious and filled with excitement. Yes, today is our birthday! 5 years ago today the .CLUB top-level domain was launched and made available for registration to the general public. After more than two years of fund-raising, applications, contention and finally a successful auction, the .CLUB extension […]

  • .CLUB Sites in the News: Week of April 24, 2019

    As you can imagine, thousands of sports and hobby clubs use a .CLUB domain name. This week’s news featured several of them, including a Model Railroad club, a Running club, a Boating club and a Pickelball club! It seems that Pickelball is growing in popularity everywhere. We were also happy to see one of our […]

  • .CLUB Websites in the News: Week of April 8, 2019 #ClubIsEverywhere

    Another week and another group of great .CLUB websites in the news around the world. The diversity of businesses using a .CLUB domain is evident in this week’s highlights: from hang gliders to Ferraris to Whisky, and more. This week .CLUB sites are in the news in countries including the U.K., Mexico, The Netherlands, Brazil, […]

  • .CLUB Businesses in the News – Week of April 1, 2019

    So many businesses have joined the .CLUB, and when their businesses get mentioned in the news, so does their .CLUB web address. In this update, highlights include the band Indoor Pets (IndoorPets.club) on the BBC website, as well as media in Ukraine covering Avtolubiteli.club, and News & Record mentioning GoodOleVolks.club…and more. #ClubIsEverywhere Sites featured in […]

  • .CLUB Businesses in the News – Week of March 25, 2019

    Last week .CLUB sites in the news took us from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California and many other cities. Notable businesses ranged from the innovative Cannabis company, HighDining.club, featured in LA Weekly, to the popular band KestonCobblers.club featured in Grapevine Birmingham. Check it out! #ClubIsEverywhere Sites featured in this video: WestCoastCannabis.clubAirFreshener.clubKitchenDecor.clubChineseLaundry.clubHighDining.clubKestonCobblers.clubLongviewFilm.club #ClubIsEverywhere!

  • .CLUB Sites in the News – Week of March 18, 2019

    We are proud and honored every time a business chooses to use a .CLUB domain name as their brand and/or web address. We know that choosing a domain is a big decision for a company, and today there are many potential choices, with a plethora of domain extensions that can bring meaning and relevance to a […]

  • Joomla Joins the .CLUB: From Joomla Day Florida to Domains.Joomla.org

    Originally launched in 2005, Joomla is a popular open source Content Management System (CMS) for building websites and online applications. There are ardent Joomla fans all over the world who create, support, use and evangelize the robust and flexible platform. Recently, Joomla.org started offering domain names for registration at Domains.Joomla.org, powered by Brandit. The .CLUB […]

  • #KillTheBill with Cred.club

    We recently came across an article about a new app called Cred.club that had just launched in India. What caught our eyes was, of course, the domain name www.Cred.club, but after reading the article we learned that Cred.club was founded by tech entrepreneur Kunal Shah. Shah is famous among the new age startup/business community in […]

  • Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Pig!

    The .CLUB team first visited China in January 2014, several months before we launched .CLUB to the public. We were fortunate to recognize early on the importance of China in a global market, and upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised to see the word “CLUB,” in English, in wide use everywhere we went. Since then, […]

  • Names.club Opens its Marketplace to .Com and All Top-Level Domains

    At the NamesCon conference in Las Vegas, we launched some exciting new features at our Names.club marketplace, including the ability for any domain owner to list their names for sale. While we originally launched Names.club with premium names featuring .CLUB and other new extensions, now we can accept names with any top-level domain, including .COM […]

  • .CLUB Tier Premium Price Changes & Additions

    We’re very pleased to announce some price changes and additions to our Tier premium names available through the registrar channel, including the addition of many high-value names that have never been offered by registrars. We are adding a NEW tier with a suggested retail price of $19,000, containing approximately 117 names. These are names that […]

  • .CLUB Price Clarification

    There have been a few posts regarding increases to the .CLUB wholesale pricing that we would like to clarify. First, as the Registry Operator, we only set the wholesale price for a domain registration/renewal. Our registrar and reseller partners are responsible for setting their desired margin and retail price, and, frankly, there is a wide […]

  • Happy Holidays and Thanks to YOU!

    As 2018 winds to a close, we want to take a moment to thank YOU! Everyone at .CLUB appreciates the support of our friends, family, business partners and everyone who has registered a .CLUB domain name. 2018 has been a great year of growth for us. We crossed the 1.5 million registration mark, we were […]

  • .CLUB CEO Colin Campbell on “What Makes a Startup Successful” at MERGE! 2018

    At the recent MERGE! conference in Orlando, Florida, our CEO Colin Campbell shared his thoughts on “What Makes a Startup Successful.” A successful serial entrepreneur, Colin shares his proven philosophies on how to Start, Scale and Exit your startup, leveraging the power of People, Money, Stories, and Systems. In addition, Colin gives a preview of […]

  • Brandable vs. Keyword Domains: .CLUB CMO Jeff Sass at NamesCon Europe 2018

    At the NamesCon Europe conference (formerly Domaining Europe) in Valencia, Spain, I had the chance to give a keynote presentation focusing on the differences between so-called “brandable” domains, and more SEO friendly “keyword” domains. I stressed that in the current environment, with so many new domain extensions, many with inherent meaning and relevance, it does […]

  • Colin Campbell Talks Entrepreneurship at the Global Digital Summit (GDS) in China

    The .CLUB team, including CEO Colin Campbell, COO Michele Van Tilborg, and China Country Manager Abby Zhang traveled to six different cities in China recently for a whirlwind tour, meeting with registrar partners, domain investors, and a variety of businesses that use a .CLUB domain, such as TheButchers.club and BoomGC.club.   While in Beijing, Colin […]

  • Namecheap Easy Payments Marks First Registrar Partner for Names.club Platform

    Today our registrar partner Namecheap announced the launch of Namecheap Easy Payments, powered by Names.club. This is a great milestone in the expansion of our Names.club platform, which is open to other registries, and now registrars who want to offer their premium name customers an option to finance great premium names with 60-month Easy Payments. […]

  • Happy Birthday! Celebrating 4 Years of Amazing .CLUB Websites!

    Four years ago today, on May 7, 2014, we officially launched .CLUB domains for registration by the general public. With much fanfare, we celebrated our launch with a big party in NYC featuring international celebrity 50 Cent, who also launched a fan site at www.50inda.club. Here we are, four years later, and we are humbled […]

  • Strong Growth in Subscription Companies Drives New .CLUB Businesses!

    Online shopping is eating the world! The ease and convenience of getting just about anything you can imagine delivered to your door in a matter of days (or even hours) is very appealing to the vast majority of shoppers. Within the growing e-commerce ecosystem, there has been tremendous growth in traffic to subscription services. According […]

  • .CLUB Team wishes you a happy Chinese New Year- the Year of the Dog

    Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is celebrated in China, and some other Eastern Asia countries during the Lunar New Year. It is a very special and important festival for Chinese people to celebrate this holiday with their families. Spring Festival in China symbolizes Christmas in Western countries. There is a 12-year […]

  • Great .CLUB Keyword Premium Names (and more) Added to the Registrar Channel

     One of the best ways to get a great .CLUB premium name is through the Registrar channel, where we have premium names available in ten different pricing tiers ranging from suggested retail prices of $20.00 to $10,000. In all cases, the annual renewal fees are our standard price of $10.00-$15.00 per year. Since we […]

  • Introducing the Names.club Marketplace for Brandable Domains with New Extensions!

    Here’s the announcement we just made at the NamesCon conference in Las Vegas: .CLUB Launches Names.club Marketplace for Brandable Premium Names With New Extensions Names from GMO, MMX and other Registries to be featured along with .CLUB names, all with 60-month Easy Payments LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (January 28, 2018) –  .CLUB Domains announced today the launch […]

  • A Popular Science Club in Algeria: CSE.club

    With the endearing tagline, “We Are Creative Nerds,” the scientific club of ESI (CSE), is the oldest club in the Higher National School of Computer Science in Algeria. Founded in 2008 by a group of ambitious students, it has grown to more than 1,000 CS students, making CSE one of the biggest and most active clubs […]

  • Happy Holidays! We are Grateful for YOU!

    It is hard to believe another year has gone by, and it has been quite a year at that. With the help of our amazing partners, families, friends, and supporters around the globe, we achieved many great milestones during 2017, including: Crossing the 1 million registrations mark. Launching the Get.club platform and Broker program. Crossing the […]

  • New Report: .CLUB Leads New Domains in Global Media Impressions

    (This is an excerpt from a new report, powered by media monitoring tool Meltwater. This is an initial report, and the plan is to replicate this report over time in order to show increases (or decreases) in the media impression metric. You can download a PDF of the full report here.) With so many new […]