3 Tips For Choosing A Great Domain Extension

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With the introduction of hundreds of new domain name extensions (the word or characters to the right of the dot), if you are looking for a great domain name for your business or interests you’ll have more choices than ever before.  Can’t get the .com you thought you wanted?  Not sure if .co or .me is right for you?  Don’t worry – you’ll soon be able to choose from a vast array of possible extensions, from .app to .zulu.  With so many possibilities how do you choose a great domain extension?  Here are three tips that will help you pick the perfect domain for your name:

1. Length (not size) Matters

A great domain extension should be short (ideally 3-5 characters).  The longer the phrase is to the right of the dot, the more likely folks are to make a mistake typing it.  In addition, in today’s “mobile first” world, many people will be typing your domain name on a mobile device, where every character counts and shorter is almost always better.

2. Make It Memorable

A great domain extension should help to make your new domain name easy to remember.  While an oblique or obscure extension might initially seem cool and exciting, if it is too unusual or unexpected it may end up being hard for people to remember.  You want to choose a domain extension that is also a logical extension of yourself or your business.  You want a domain name that “fits” and is thus easy to remember.

3. Make It Meaningful

With the new “verticalized” generic top level domains you have the opportunity to find a name that truly adds marketing value and meaning to whatever words you place to the left of the dot.  Extensions such as .CLUB and .HOTEL and .MOVIE immediately say something about the person or business in the domain name.  Unlike .com, these (and other) extensions can help start telling your story even before a visitor gets to your website.

There are lots of reasons a domain name is right for you, and these are just a few tips to help you navigate the robust new landscape, where there will be an abundance of great choices.  Your challenge is to decide on the name(s) that are right for you and grab them as soon as you can.

Do you agree with these suggestions?  What tips do you have for choosing a great domain extension?


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