5 Ways to Use Your .CLUB Website to Take Your Clubhouse Profile & Club to the Next Level!

For those of you that follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that .Club is having a monumental spike in both general and premium name registrations. If you are wondering why, it’s actually quite simple. There’s a new audio only social media app that’s taking the world by storm – Clubhouse. It is literally a club of Clubs, and even though it is still in “beta” and invite-only and iOS only, in less than a year it has grown to over 6 million users and Unicorn status (having just raised $100 million at a $1 Billion valuation!) Clubhouse is attracting a highly diverse audience sharing meaningful content and real, engaging conversation. We think of it as a safe place ‘where the connected, can connect’.

Members launch conversations in “Rooms” and as part of ‘Clubs’ so it is only natural that many are using a .club domain as part of their presence in the Clubhouse app. Content on Clubhouse is here one moment and gone the next as it is talk-only and always live with no text posts or video. You can decide to actively participate by moderating, asking questions, or just passively listen. As a result, active users need a way to promote themselves and connect with other Clubhouse members, and a webpage with a .CLUB domain is the perfect (and increasingly popular) choice!

Here are 5 ways to use your .CLUB website to take your Clubhouse profile to the next level!

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Nivu Hussain

Nivu Hussain is the Director of Marketing at .CLUB Domains. You can follow him on Twitter or instagram at @nivuhussain

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