Apple’s “Editor’s Choice” Revs Up The App Store With 1 Million Installs In 5 Days


France’s Eden Games has definitely got things in gear! Their latest game,, was just released for iOS and raced to the top of the charts, passing 1 million installs in it’s first 5 days. According to a press release from the game developer, here are some of’s early accomplishments

·         #1 overall downloaded app in 77 countries on iPad.

·         #1 free game in 85 countries on iPad.

·         Top-10 overall free apps in 71 countries on iPhone.

·         Top-5 Games chart in 127 countries on iPhone.

·         #1 Racing game in 142 countries on iPad, and 137 on iPhone.

The game has been a speedy success on iOS, garnering the coveted “Editor’s Choice.” The Android version is due to hit the tracks around November 23.  In the words of the developer,

Gear.Club is much more than a quick adrenaline rush; it is an authentic world of cars. Realistic driving experience, with fully simulated engines, powertrains, suspensions and aerodynamics.

You will get to explore breathtaking settings and compete live with your online friends and foes through unlimited races, championships and events.

Gear.Club offers a full range of options for the cars. Players can collect, upgrade and customize some of the most gorgeous exotic vehicles in their performance shop and enjoy details including engine and interiors in full HD.

As was noted in DomainNameWire, it is interesting that the team at Eden Games chose to actually brand the game with their web address. All of the branding and marketing materials seem to refer to, which we think is a smart move, and one we’ve seen gaining in popularity with .CLUB (see,,, and many others.)  It is also not a new idea. Back in the early days of the world wide web, many businesses built their “.com” into their brand to make it easier for them to be found online.  As more and more businesses begin to use new meaningful domain extensions it is only natural that marketers will start to incorporate their memorable web addresses into their branding.

The example is also notable because it is a mobile app. For some time now the vocal “naysayers” have been claiming that the proliferation of apps will destroy the need for domain names.  We think the opposite is true. Every app is a new opportunity for domain name use, as every app needs to have it’s own domain name and dedicated online presence.  As I wrote in a recent article on the interactive advertising site, Adotas,

An app needs a website. Relying on discovery among the thousands of apps in an app store is wishful thinking, not a marketing strategy.

A website lets you control the app’s story and provides a valuable way to connect with consumers. Websites can host videos and detailed information about the app, as well as link directly to the app on both the Apple and Android app stores and from your social media platforms.

A website also allows you to collect email addresses and build a consumer database; it can fuel Facebook ads or Google AdWords retargeting.

Here’s a link to the full Adotas article, “3 Ways Unique Domain Names Boost Mobile App Marketing.”

Of course, a great name alone is not enough to create real success for an app or business.  A great domain can amplify a great product, and based on the reviews and installs, the team at Eden Games has definitely executed on a great racing game.  We’re honored they chose as their brand.


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