Celebrating Women in the .CLUB: From Entrepreneurship, to Fashion, to Whiskey, and more

According to FORBES, ‘With women now making up a whopping 40% of new entrepreneurs, it’s clear that more women are turning to entrepreneurship than ever before” and “the number of women-owned businesses increased nearly 3,000% since 1972 according to the “2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report” commissioned by American Express.”

This is impressive and exciting news for women and for the economy, and we see evidence of this trend expressed by the many innovative women owned businesses that use a .CLUB domain. Womenwhowhiskey.club is one of the notable woman owned and women focused businesses. . The founder, Julia, explains in their brand story that she noticed that more and more women around her had started to enjoy whiskey. She felt it was ridiculous when she heard that whiskey was considered “a man’s drink.” Tired of hearing conversations like “Whoa, that’s a strong drink for a little lady! Sure, you can handle it?”, Julia decided that it is time to set up a whiskey club exclusively for women.


Womenwhowhiskey.club provides a comfortable space for members to share their enjoyment of whiskey and make new friends. Now, this exclusive female member’s whiskey club has 12 branches all over the world!


Another very successful business run by and for women is Chaos.club. Founded by two experienced fashion industry entrepreneurs, Chaos.club has created a new breed of super-glossy pop-luxe accessories, both practical and covetable. The design of Chaos.club products gives attention to technology, fashion, punk, and London individuality. Products include Gold-plated jewelry, buckskin phone cases, and luggage tags, most of which can be personalized with initials. It’s an ideal choice for consumers who have a particular pursuit of design and quality. Chaos.club also sells highly designed poster books. Each item contains more than a hundred fashion posters for collecting or posting anywhere you want, which matches every fashion obsession. The founder’s natural talent for style and design has contributed to the success of Chaos.club. The two founders, Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall, have integrated their unique artistic and design tastes into their product. They have opened up globally in just two years since the brand was founded and have attracted many actresses and supermodels as customers, as well as global media attention

With the continued rise of women entrepreneurs, it can be a good business to support women in business. Womensbusiness.club is a project that provides professional business consulting services and career support for women entrepreneurs and professional women. It has repeatedly won outstanding business community awards. Just become a member of Womensbusiness.club, then clients can participate in offline gatherings and customized value-added services, including improving entrepreneurship plans, receiving career guidance, and stress counseling. Such a strong community can not only directly and effectively help women in the workplace to solve specific problems through professional advice and services, but also provide them with a full social circle and serve to open up great opportunities for many Womensbusiness.club members’ careers.

We’re always thrilled to learn about creative and innovative businesses that use a .CLUB domain name, and we are especially proud of the many that have been started by women, and that are focused on supporting women. The three examples above are great and we’d love to see more. Have you come across a .CLUB business that was started by women? If so, please share it and we can update this post with more examples. Here is a quick video of woman owned/managed businesses that use a .club domain.

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