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.Club plans on being one of the first to launch a new top level domain. “We strongly believe that the gTLDs in the first batch will gain greater exposure than those that are included in subsequent batches.”  Colin’s has co-founded four internet infrastructure companies including: Tucows.com (TCX) , Internet Direct (TSX: IDX),  and Hostopia.com (TSX: H). He remains a partner at Geeksforless.com, that currently employs over  600 programmers.  “Getting out first was critical for us, and just too important for us to consider outsourcing. And given the substantial six figure investment, we felt that it would be prudent to allow a limited number of other customers use the identical solution that we created for .club and share in the success of getting into the first batch.”

Press Release                                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Fort Lauderdale, Florida                                                                                                 May 30, 2012

Digital Archery Experts, LLC launches advanced digital archery service for a limited number of new gTLD applicants.

Digital Archery Experts (DAE) is pleased to release its digital archery service designed to secure new gTLD applicants a first batch position in the ICANN secondary time stamp competition.  DAE is an affiliated company with .CLUB DOMAINS, LLC one of the new gTLD applicants. “Qualifying for batch one is critical for our business as it will be for other gTLD applicants,” states Colin Campbell, CEO for .CLUB and business partner with Digital Archery Experts.  “We are making the same advanced technical solution that .Club will be using available to a select group of additional gTLD’s,” Campbell explained.

Digital Archery Experts is only accepting a limited number of clients to ensure the solution’s advantage is not compromised by allowing hundreds of other gTLD applicants to use the advanced technology solution.  “Our mission is to qualify DAE clients for batch one,” says business partner, Peter LaMantia. “We are taking clients on a first come / first served basis with a simple offer; we either succeed in qualifying clients for the first batch or they do not pay us one red cent.”

The Digital Archery Experts solution is designed to consistently strike within milliseconds of the target and was developed by some of the most skilled networking and software minds in the world.  “We have been preparing to execute a digital archery solution as a contingency for .CLUB for several months and now that it is a reality, with our systems in place, we know we can hit the bullseye,” says former Hostopia.com CTO and DAE Partner, Dirk Baghat.

The final details of the secondary time stamp solution will be released to clients in the coming days. New gTLD applicants interested in using the DAE solution are invited to visit www.digitalarcheryexperts.com and contact us to secure their batch one position.

About Digital Archery Experts

Digital Archery Experts was formed for the purpose of deploying a network and software solution to deliver a secondary time stamp batch one bullseye for TLD applicants.  The DAE leadership team of Dirk Bhagat, Colin Campbell and Peter LaMantia are the team that built the world’s leading provider of wholesale web service solutions for telcos and leading communication service providers, and subsequently sold to Deluxe Corp for $124 million in 2008. DAE is affiliated with .CLUB DOMAINS, LLC, the applicant company for the new TLD .CLUB.

For More Information

Contact:      Peter LaMantia

Email:         peter@digitalarcheryexperts.com

Phone:        416-821-3225

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