.CLUB CTO and CEO Present Their Vision In Ukraine

The GFL Campus in Nikolaev, Ukraine

The GFL Campus in Nikolaev, Ukraine

.CLUB is a global brand, and our team is always on the move, meeting with registrars and partners.  Recently Colin Campbell (CEO) and Dirk Bhagat (CTO) shared their vision for .CLUB in a presentation to an audience of Ukraine programmers and technology professionals during a visit to the GeeksforLess campus in Nikolaev.

The topics included:

  • The history of .CLUB and how it was won in auction.
  • Why Colin chose to go after the .CLUB name in particular.
  • How .CLUB and other top level domains will change the way the internet works.
  • And, the future vision of a platform for clubs and associations.

The presentation was recorded and you can click here to watch it (streaming) or click here to download the recording.

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