.CLUB Delivers Record-Breaking Topline Premium Sales of $2.7 million in Q2

It is hard to believe that half of 2017 is already behind us as Q2 is now a memory. As for .CLUB premium sales it is a very good memory. We continued stellar sales in the second quarter with a total of 666 premium names sold in Q2 via auctions, through the registrar channel and aftermarket platforms, and directly by the registry, generating over $205,000 in one-time fees and more than $2.5 million in topline value of names making monthly payments as part of the Get.club Easy Payments plan. In January, the registry launched the .CLUB Broker Program and 60-month, no interest, easy payment plans for names priced at $500 or more at Get.club. 214 of the 666 names sold during the quarter were sold at Get.club. Popular global trends were reflected in the Q2 sales with names related to cryptocurrency and cannabis selling. In China, we’ve seen a notable increase in sales of premium pinyin names, as well as continued sales of 4-number and other number names.

The .CLUB tiered premium program through the registrar channel continues to be a solid global success, and in Q2 a total of 393 names were sold by 30 different registrars in 13 different countries. In China, 25 names were sold in an auction in June on the eName platform and 12 names were sold in an Auction on the Aliyun (Alibaba) platform in April.

Total topline premium name sales for Q2 2017, from all sources including subscriptions, came to a record-breaking $2,724,076.22, including buy-it-now sales of $205,201.22.

As of March 31, 2017, total topline cumulative sales of registry reserved premium .CLUB names came to $7,559,504.67.  Notable sales in Q2 2017 included 54.club, sold by the registry for $9,000; Holiday.club, sold by Name.com for $8,760; Mobile.club, sold by Gandi for $7,849; and Touzi.club (which means “invest” or “investment” in Chinese), sold by Alibaba for $7,288. For all .CLUB premium names, the premium fee is one-time only, and renewals are at the low standard registration fee.

We introduced our tiered premium names to the registrar channel on July 1, 2015 and the registrar channel continues to be an active source of premium name sales for .CLUB. A list of participating registrars is available here. To download lists of the tiered premium names available through the registrar channel on a first come, first served basis, click here.  The top premium tiers available through the registrar channel are names priced up to $10,000.  Higher value names are available through Sedo.com, Afternic.com, and at Get.club.

This report reflects all public registry reserved topline premium name sales that occurred and closed during Q2 2017.

Q2 2017 – OVERVIEW

During the months of April, May, and June, a total of 666 premium names were sold by 30 different registrars as well as Sedo and directly by the registry. There were two auctions in China (Aliyun and eName) during the quarter. Total topline sales for Q2, including subscriptions, were $2,724,076.22.  GoDaddy was the top registrar during the quarter with 167 sales totaling $49,308.33. Alibaba sold 98 names (excluding their auction) for a total of $22,923.62, NameCheap sold 29 names for $6,738.63 and Sedo sold 21 names for a total of $18,551. A total of 37 names were sold in two auctions for a total of $41,595.28.

.CLUB continues to demonstrate strong global demand with Q2 premium name sales made by registrars in 13 different countries, including the U.S., China, Russia, France, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Japan and more.

Here are the sales by registrars (excluding auctions) close to and over $1,000 for Q2 2017:

Name Registrar Retail Price
moneymaking.club NameCheap, Inc. $920.47
residents.club NameCheap, Inc. $920.47
tata.club eName Technology Co., Ltd. $1,459.30
chair.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,499.99
grand.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,499.99
sing.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,499.99
rottweiler.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,499.99
robotics.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,499.99
heavymetal.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,499.99
learning.club Dynadot, LLC $1,689.66
pro.club NameCheap, Inc. $1,830.47
wonder.club eName Technology Co., Ltd. $2,184.77
juice.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $2,399.99
any.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $2,399.99
classics.club Name.com, Inc. $2,635.06
winner.club RU-CENTER $2,724.90
teacher.club Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. $3,648.41
cycling.club Bizcn.com, Inc. $4,092.72
touzi.club Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. $7,288.41
mobile.club Gandi SAS $7,849.02
cpa.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $7,999.99
holiday.club Name.com, Inc. $8,760.06


Get.club and Easy Payment Plans

In Q1 we launched our easy payment plan at www.get.club, featuring 60-month, no interest payments for any premium name priced at over $500. During the quarter ending June 30, 2017, 214 names were sold directly by the registry at get.club. 189 of the names are being paid in installments as part of the easy payment program, including a large number registered by a single active investor. The total topline value of the 189 subscription names is $2,518,875.00. Excluding the large single investor, participants in the .CLUB Broker program were responsible for 74% of the names sold at get.club during the quarter.


China Shows Strong Pinyin Demand

During the quarter, several registrars in China launched our tiered premium names for the first time, notably Aliyun (Alibaba) who launched in Q2 and sold 98 names during the quarter. In addition to solid tiered premium name sales in China, we’ve seen a strong demand for pinyin and meaningful names. Nearly 50% of all the premium names sold by registrars in China in Q2 were pinyin names, and some of the pinyin names in the Alibaba auction sold for higher prices than some of the numeric names. As .CLUB has MIIT approval in China, our domains can be used by live sites in mainland China, so the growing popularity of meaningful premium pinyin names makes sense. Some of the notable pinyin and meaningful names sold during the quarter include:

Touzi.club                   $ 7,288.41

Yun.club                      $ 2,623.19

Tata.club                      $1,459.30

Zuqiu.club                   $  956.52

Jianshen.club               $  934.78

Yang.club                    $  732.75

And many others were sold at various lower prices including 8 pinyin names sold on Sedo for prices ranging from $100 to $500.

Numbers also continue to perform well with nine 4-number names selling for prices between $120 and $270. Even the 5-number name 10086.club sold for $268.41. With more registrars in China now live with our tiered premium names, we expect premium sales in China to continue to grow directly through the registrar channel.


Names Follow Trends

As most folks in the domain world know, trending topics often drive interest in related domain names. Cannabis related domains have been popular for some time now, and this quarter we saw a few more premium “pot” names registered, including potbox.club and highnoon.club. But the bigger trend by far has been for names related to the current cryptocurrency craze. Previously, BitCoin.club was sold for $10,000. During Q2 we sold “currency” related names for prices ranging from $60 to $1,800. They included:

Currency.club              $1,800

Eth.club                       $   500.

eGold.club                   $   119.99

BitcoinTrading.club     $   119.99

Bitinvest.club               $     75.47

Digitalcoin.club                       $     63.85

Btcoin.club                  $     60.48



Premium name sales through the registrar channel continue to be a substantial source of revenue for .CLUB. The launch of the easy payment plan and broker program at Get.club has been extremely successful and continues to demonstrate that paying for premium names in installments over time is an attractive model for both domain investors and end-users.

China is emerging once again as an important market for us for premium names, as the interest shifts from primarily short and numeric names to meaningful pinyin names and other names that can be used by businesses and individuals for active websites.


You can download a PDF copy of this report here.



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