CEO responds to ICANN’s new Digital Archery System

Why .Club chose to partner with

Quite frankly for us there is too much at stake for .Club to wait.

Although a niche top level domain that is not expected to generate a lot of domains compared to some of the “big ones”, we have developed a platform to help clubs manage and run their online presence. After building the worlds number #1 wholesale platform at Hostopia we learned what it takes to truly put together a system that operates worldwide. We have invested a substantial sum in putting together our platform and believe that it is necessary for us to find the best possible solution to get us out sooner rather later.

We can handle the time frame ICANN setup for the auction, but to delay our platform for another 2 or 3 years would be devastating to our team that have worked so hard on it. Putting together a solution for Digital Archery over the last few months has not been easy. Nor has it been cheap. It was for this reason that we decided to allow a limited number of other applicants to share in the first batch success.

Truth is, we have been overwhelmed with inquires from companies and organizations and I fear we will not be able to help everyone. For the life of me I can not understand why ICANN simply did not auction the spots or create another mechanism to handle this. This is akin to a ship without enough life boats. Lets just hope that those companies that need to get launched find a way and those that don’t opt-out.

Colin Campbell
Chairman, CEO, .Club Domains, LLC.

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