.CLUB Tier Premium Price Changes & Additions

We’re very pleased to announce some price changes and additions to our Tier premium names available through the registrar channel, including the addition of many high-value names that have never been offered by registrars.

We are adding a NEW tier with a suggested retail price of $19,000, containing approximately 117 names. These are names that were previously priced between $20,000 and $49,999 and have been re-priced so that we can make them available at the registrar level. There are some great, high-profile names in this new tier, including Boat.club, Biking.club, Vitamin.club, Reward.club and more (see the short teaser video below). These names will also be listed at the revised pricing at Names.club and other marketplaces.

To make room for the new tier, we are eliminating the premium tier that had a $3,000 suggested retail price. Names that were previously in this tier have been re-priced and moved either into the $2,000 retail tier or the $5,000 retail tier. As always, all .CLUB premium names have a low standard renewal fee. In addition to the new names, approximately 500 LN and NL .CLUB names have been moved into the $500 retail tier.

With wide distribution worldwide, the registrar channel remains a significant driver of our daily premium name sales, and we’re glad to be able to add some of our very best names to the registrar inventory. With the addition of the new tier, registrars now offer .CLUB premium names with suggested prices ranging from $20.00 to $19,000, making great names accessible for any business budget.

Not all registrars follow our suggested pricing so feel free to shop around and compare.

For a list of names that have had price changes or that have been added, click here.

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