.CLUB Websites in the News – July 2019

Every month we come across some great businesses and communities who have joined the .CLUB. In July, we had a number of ‘.CLUB member’ sightings in online articles and news. Below (and in the video above) are a few of our favorite ones demonstrating different business verticals.

WeFit.club – A network of 15+ gyms located in and around France that focuses on functional fitness programs and weight loss. Members can book classes and practice sessions through the website or the member’s app.

Hidden.club – The official website of the Hidden Club, an award-winning nightclub located in Manchester, England. Known for its techno music and its new-age art interiors, Hidden is one of the top 100 clubs in the world and also has the title of the Best Small Club in the UK.

Var.club UK’s first high-end immersive VR (Virtual Reality) Club uses VAR.club for their website, where members can book their AR/VR experiences. VAR studios also helps in creating design projects and conducts custom simulation staff training for businesses.

GrowYourBusiness.club – Founded by an author/businessman, to help existing or new businesses in creating a winning growth strategy for conquering local and global markets. They help businesses grow by leveraging knowledge, skills, opportunities and contacts that are pre-developed.

DreamBeach.club – The Beach Club and cafe at the Dream Downtown hotel in New York serves as the perfect summertime escape in the busy city. Equipped with a glass-bottom pool, full-service bar, sand beach and cabanas, the Dream Beach Club is a perfect location for a cocktail party.

MegaFashion.club A active wearing clothing line by the Mega Wrap group that caters to everyone who would like the unique reversible style. Mega Fashion is known for its special 3D athletic garment.

HelloBeauty.clubAn online beauty shop that promotes organic, animal-friendly and natural remedies for common skin problems. They also have a club that members can join to get emails about natural remedies and promotional offers.

Mono-Joker.clubThe Monocrome Joker Club is a Swedish Whisky lovers and tasting club that arranges special tastings and parties exclusively for its members.

If you see a .CLUB site in the news, please let us know and we may feature it in a future highlight video.

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