.CLUB Websites in the News – Week of May 31, 2019

Our team at .CLUB are on the constant lookout for live .CLUB websites that turn up on blogs, news websites and other media. We are always encouraged by how creatively people have used a .CLUB name for their business or community. Listed below are the websites featured in our lastest “.CLUB Websites in the News” video above.

B-a-b.club ( A community of German hairdressers who travel around Europe and offer free haircuts to homeless and needy.)

Invest-heroes.club (A training and analytics company that helps you with the stock market and trading.)

Sevensport.club (A sports news website that streams content about MLB, NHL, NBA, Soccer, etc.)

Rabble.club (A global digital sports and entertainment community platform that uses data from players, athletes, teams, fans etc. to create a better understanding of specific sports.)

Postdata.club (A team of Cuban professionals who study and interpret collective data sets to tell stories and understand information better.)

Special love for Rabble.club because we can’t get enough of how they have designed their Rabble.club race car!

If you see a .CLUB site in the news, please let us know and we may feature it in a future highlight video.

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Nivu Hussain

Nivu Hussain is the Director of Marketing at .CLUB Domains. You can follow him on Twitter or instagram at @nivuhussain

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