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The latest social frenzy comes in the form of an audio-only app called Clubhouse. The live, audio-based platform is dedicated to conversations happening in real-time globally with an emphasis on connecting and learning. The app is unique in that there are no posts to make, pictures or videos to upload or watch. Clubs and users simply upload a profile picture and create their bio, or in the case of clubs, their club description. Club room moderators can then invite users to the stage, once a session has begun, and are given the “microphone” to share knowledge, trends, opinions and ask questions on a wide variety of topics. Given there are no public-facing comments or feeds, clubs and users, register domain names for their club and personal name websites to stay connected, share content, and provide updates. Great examples of Clubs providing online and offline connection points are and

As reported by in April, the Clubhouse app raised funds at a valuation of $4B, and immediately after which they launched the Android App, which further pushed the speed of adoption- worldwide. New entrants by major players like Facebook with ‘Hotline’, Spotify with ‘Greenroom’, and finally Twitter with ‘Spaces’ further shows that audio-based social media is here to stay. Top entrepreneurs, investors and creators are testing this space to understand it better and to make sure they are utilizing this brand-new tool to network better. Founders Rohan Seth and Paul Davison posted a blog that emphasized diversity within its app, including “Musicians, scientists, creators, athletes, comedians, parents, entrepreneurs, stock traders, non-profit leaders, authors, artists, real estate agents, sports fans.”

This new community of professionals giving of their time freely has created a powerhouse app for entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons you should be paying attention.

Angel Investors to VC’s

Whether you are looking to perfect your pitch or need next-level funding this is the app for you. Networking, business advice and meaningful connections are made in Clubhouse rooms.

We have personally been in a room listening to a startup get funding while another struggling business owner got clarity towards growth. In yet another room, I heard a serial entrepreneur give real talk advice about issues with a business model, and what to do about it. A lot of genuine help and guidance happens organically from high-level individuals sharing their knowledge openly. People that you may have only had access to by attending big ticket seminars or conferences are directly answering your questions and engaging with you live. In fact, recently had a session where Mr. Wonderful of Shark Tank gave great direct feedback to club members with more sessions to follow.

From scaling your business to pitching investors – entrepreneurs simply need to “raise their hand” to join in the conversation and get feedback, resources, and guidance.

Build Your Brand Awareness 

Community and audience growth have been particularly strong through branded and engaged clubs within the app.  By engaging with club owners and moderators, you may be invited to share your expertise. Getting on stage regularly helps position you as an expert and connects you with people who are interested in your expertise, brand, and services. Good moderators will encourage listeners to follow speakers they find beneficial – a virtual shoutout of support both as a professional and for building influence.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the app and etiquette and you’re ready to engage your brand, there are two ways to start a room on Clubhouse: schedule a room or start a spontaneous room. Scheduling a room gives you time to build out your content as well as share the event link with your database. Spontaneous rooms are great for last-minute collaborations and timely or trendy topics. Rooms can also be created under a club, which will notify all the members and followers of that club.

Right now, all accounts on Clubhouse are personal accounts. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your profile/bio is complete with a clear picture, social media links to Twitter and Instagram, and your website and business information like what Gary Hendersen of has done. Keywords in the first three lines of your bio are more likely to be ranked within the app – so use this space wisely. The potential for brands who are early adopters of the Clubhouse app is enormous.

Develop Business Acumen

The amount of personal and professional development available within Clubhouse is unmatched. Many rooms offer information on personal development from high producers, serial entrepreneurs, health experts, and coaches that will allow you to expand your knowledge and leadership skills. Hear strategy, insight, and meaningful experience in the Serial Entrepreneur Club room every Friday at 2:00 pm. Whatever skills you need to level up individually or professionally – your next leaders have likely already created a room.

Collaboration Central

Collaborations on Clubhouse are becoming the norm. It’s common to hear speakers join forces while in a room or ask to take the conversation off the app to develop an idea or concept further.

Why are so many willing to collaborate with strangers? They know the power of a strong alliance, including:

  • Bringing more creative minds to the table for shared common goals.
  • Cross-pollinating databases, which grows your network exponentially on and off Clubhouse.
  • Encouraging collaborators to level-up skills and knowledge by sharing trends and ‘what’s working’ freely.
  • Sharing intellectual contributions which doubles your content and increases perceived value and influence without adding to one’s workload.

Clubhouse Clubs and rooms are diverse and engaging. Thought leaders, influencers, and CEOs openly share knowledge, trends, tips, and experience at a high level not often available on the social media stage. More than that, real deals, financial assistance, and mentoring happen unscripted. It is the ideal platform for startups and entrepreneurs to pitch investors, build brand awareness, develop business acumen, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

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