Comedy.Club LIVE! (video)

With events moving online and many of us suffering from “Zoom Fatigue” the .CLUB team wanted to do something fun and different to socialize with our registrar partners around the NamesCon.Online conference. Normally, we’d be wining and dining together in person, but alas, in 2020 that is not to be. And we didn’t want to just have another “Zoom Happy Hour” – our partners deserve some real entertainment! So, the night before NamesCon we took over the domain name for a LIVE comedy show via Zoom.

Joined by registrar partners from around the world, our show featured both recorded and LIVE performances by established comedians from the US and Canada. The entertainment included recorded comedy skits by Kevin Campbell, Austen Alexander, and Neema Nazeri, as well as LIVE performances by headliners and top San Diego comics, Jesse Egan and Zoltan Kaszas. Of course, it wouldn’t be a .CLUB show without appearances by company President Michele Van Tilborg and Chairman Colin Campbell, hosted by Emcee (and CMO) Jeff Sass. Enjoy the recording of the live event here or embedded above.

And by the way, the premium name is FOR SALE!

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Jeff Sass

Jeff Sass is .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sass.

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