Cool Cats and Cool Games: Our featured member is SpaceCats.Club

A while back we attended WordCamp Miami where we met two young developers with a great idea for a new game. After talking with them, they said it makes perfect sense for their team to use a .CLUB Domain Name which they did… and now their site is up and running.

The name for Space Cats came up as we were brainstorming other possible choices, we ran into a picture of cats wearing astronaut gear and it just hit us. It was ideal, hip and catchy. We then called our team and game company, Spacecats, and our entire theme revolves around that.

They are a small, talented, creative team of game developers that wants to make awesome games for everyone. Their goal is to make games ageless, fun, intelligent, and most importantly beautiful. Therefore, they are currently working on the first project called “Square”.

Our first project will be based on an endless runner game which we think has a lot of potential to be a big hit. The concept art will be available on our site in the next couple of weeks. It is minimalistic like most of the things we do. For now the project has adopted the name “Square”. It won’t be your regular jump and duck endless runner but will have various catches that will keep everyone on their toes.

If you are interested to receive updates on their latest artwork, voice your opinion or just be the first to play, you can join the Space Cats community and sign up on their new .CLUB site www.SpaceCats.Club

We are planning on making more games, we also have some concept art for the next game which will be a puzzle based game. We were inspired by the game of the year “Monument Valley”, and we really think that this game has set new standards for the way games are made. We are shooting to make the next Monument Valley but an 8-bit game.  This project is a much longer project which will take more of our time, but the first one, Project square should be out in 2-3 months for everyone to enjoy.

It was great meeting the Space Cats team and letting them know about our new domain extension.  We’re happy as cats to see that they are using as the home for their upcoming projects.

And we are really looking forward to trying the new game!  It is our pleasure to welcome such cool cats to the .CLUB!

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