Fall in Love with Your Work! Things to do during your ‘Stay at Home’ Time

This is the latest post in our’ Stay at Home’ series. In our past posts, we introduced many attractive websites according to different themes [Cooking; Hobbies; Games; Book clubs; Online course; Fitness]. In this post, we are going to share some useful websites that can help you to fall in love with your work again! After working from home for several weeks or months, as many of us have been facing, you may find that you don’t like remote work as much as you think. You may accidentally sleep until noon or start to miss the joy of having lunch with colleagues. It’s time to make your work fun again! Thus, these websites suggest practical online day-by-day tools, and communities for sharing and improving your work from home experience. We hope those websites can make your work as productive and inspiring as before!

Work Better from Home

You are probably spending a great deal of time staring at your computer and cell phone while you are at home, yet often feel you are only completing a few tasks a day. Despite all the time, there seems to be too many easy distractions when working at home.

Constant distractions and thoughts can stop us from getting some actual work done. This could also be because you miss the office environment where your team and colleagues are all focused and supportive.. You are not alone, feeling that way. Council.club, is a community of remote workers who connect via a virtual workspace. Here you can have small chit chats and have a formal and informal level of accountability. You can find a way to refocus yourself here or find a like-minded partner to help you with some advice or tasks. The most important thing is that Council.club is also a learning community. It provides a lot of practical educational resources for remote workers to help you enrich yourself at home.

Save yourself from SPAM mails

During your ‘work at home’ time one of the most used items is your email. From subscribing to multiple eCommerce sites and other online services, you will be entering your email into multiple sites without no idea if the sites are secure or have good privacy. 

And within a few days, your inbox will be flooded with advertisements and spam all the time. Sometimes trying to find the message you need in your mailbox seems like playing  “Where’s Waldo?” Wouldn’t it be great to have an email program that can help you completely stop spam? Bulc.club is such an email application, and you can completely trust it. Bulc Club is 100% free and gives you unlimited email forwarding and filtering to block spam, protect your privacy and identity, and organize your inbox. This can help you reduce the time wasted on meaningless and unwanted emails and get you closer to the desired “inbox zero”, and a more efficient workday.

Take help from an Experienced Community

During this period of staying at home, many managers may face a problem: when all employees become remote workers, how can they keep the team always productive and functioning effectively? Maybe this is a problem you have never encountered as much when working together in an office. Many leaders often manage remote work teams or have relevant experience that can help you — for example, FinTechCTO.club is a community dedicated to CTOs of technology finance companies. At FinTechCTO.club many CTOs share their management experience and what measures they have taken in the face of leading remote teams. If you are also in this position, the FinTechCTO.club community has other online financial industry related experience and resources to share.

In addition to specialized communities like the one above for CTOs, there are podcast channels like BeingBoss.club with great content for all company management. BeingBoss.club‘s podcasts and services cover almost everything you need as a manager. Frequent updates and high-quality podcast content make this channel extremely popular!

No matter what position you are in, we hope that these websites will make your work more productive while working from home. If you try one of these sites, please let us know how you enjoy it by emailing us at info@get.club.

Please stay safe and healthy and stay tuned for our next post featuring passions you can pursue at home. 

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