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Going to a university is an important step, but you can really enhance your classroom learning by gaining real world experience.  That’s why a great internship is so important.

Internships abroad are very popular and appreciated by companies who can gain the insights of an intern from another country and culture.   From the intern’s perspective, it may be that first work experience you get after you graduate that can help you build your portfolio or resume. What’s more, it helps to make valuable industry contacts that can be essential to landing the ideal job later on, while experiencing the lifestyle and culture of another country.  The .CLUB team has been very fortunate to welcome interns from Germany, Oman, Romania (me), Taiwan and England, who have all made a great contribution to our team.

USAintern.Club is helping young educated individuals to gain these professional and cultural experiences in one of the most competitive environments, the United States of America. This full-service agency is helping students every step of the way: from finding the right internship that matches their degree or career choice, to providing advice for their J1 visa process and preparing them to embark upon a new stage of their professional life.

Besides the internship program, they offer also Professional Career Training for persons who already have work experience and want to boost their career, as well as Work & Travel programs for those who look to spend their summer differently by traveling while working in USA.

There is a great community of talented young students and graduates exploring the U.S. while gaining valuable experience, and we’re happy to welcome USAintern.Club to the growing .CLUB family.

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