Happy Lantern Festival! Ready for Some Yuanxiao and Festival-related Pinyin.CLUB Names?


.CLUB Domains Wishes You a Happy Lantern Festival!

As March begins, the weather is getting warmer (although the weather here in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where .CLUB’s office is located is usually always warm and sunny).  We are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for .CLUB this year as the New Year begins for our friends and partners in China.

One of the many great opportunities for us this year is to further expand the .CLUB domain extension in China. Every time we visit China we recognize that CLUB is a widely used and recognized word.  After all, passions are global, and everybody who lives in the culturally-rich China region should have the opportunity to come together and share their passions with each other.  A .CLUB domain makes perfect sense for that.

As part of our ongoing commitment to China we’ve decided to celebrate as many Chinese festivals and holidays as possible, to share the culture with our team and celebrate the culture of our partners and friends in Asia.

Today is March 5 (the 15th of the first of the month of the Lunar calendar), which means it is the Chinese Lantern Festival! In Chinese culture, Lantern Festival is a day to celebrate many things, such as love, art, beauty, and letting go of the old and beginning anew. This is usually done by painting intricate, beautiful designs on red lanterns, and lighting them from inside in order illuminate a soft, red glow. The lanterns can be hung on doors, released into the night sky, or carried by children to ancient Chinese temples. Oftentimes the lanterns are filled with fun riddles! Red lanterns are recognized all over the world, not just in China, as a beautiful display of light and art.

In celebration of Lantern Festival, .CLUB will be highlighting great Lantern Festival-related pinyin .CLUB domain names on social media in China. Follow us on Weibo and Chinese Facebook, and keep your eyes open for great domain name suggestions!

As March begins, we say “Happy Lantern Festival,” and hope you and your family and friends enjoy some delicious yuanxiao. We know we will!




开发中国市场,是.CLUB新年计划中很重要的一项。 每次到访中国,我们常常在听到或见到CLUB(俱乐部)这个词,我们意识到这虽然是一个英文词汇,但已经被大多数中国人认识并广泛运用。CLUB通常被翻译做俱乐部,而各种各样的俱乐部把志趣相投、有着共同爱好的人们聚在一起。.CLUB正是为这样的俱乐部打造的完美域名后缀。


今天是农历正月初五,一年一度的元宵节!元宵节是月圆之日,人们在这一天祭月和赏月,送旧迎新,祈求来年的丰收。元宵节这一天,大街上和人们家里都张灯结彩,人们会点上灯笼,吃上热腾腾的元宵, 一起打灯谜,闹元宵。元宵节还是中国的情人节,因为在古代,年轻男女会在这一天趁着赏灯的机会互相结识。不仅中国人庆祝元宵节,许多亚洲国家也把元宵节看做传统节日,而且红彤彤的大灯笼和庆祝元宵的热闹场景也已被世界各地的人们熟知。



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