Hexonet Shines A Spotlight On .CLUB

Hexonet club spotlight Icann gTLD

Hexonet, one of the leading solution providers for the European Internet reseller market, featured a Spotlight article on .CLUB. as part of a series on new gTLD’s on their blog.   Hexonet’s Patrick McCleery interviewed .CLUB’s CMO me about the history, mission and future of .CLUB.  When asked about “the key benefits to registrants, Internet users and others?” part of my response stated,

“As a top level domain name, .CLUB adds inherent marketing value to anything to the left of the dot. As soon as you add .CLUB you know it is about people coming together around a common interest. As a result, one of the benefits of a .CLUB domain name is that it immediately adds meaning, which was not necessarily the case before, even with a .com.”

You can read the entire article over at Hexonet.

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