Hillary.club and More 3 Character .CLUB Auctions on SnapNames This Week

Black Computer On Desk With White Copyspace

As we’ve touted before, there are thousands of great dropping .CLUB domain names now available on SnapNames for a minimum bid of $69 and if there are more than one bid, the names go into an exclusive SnapNames auction.

With the 2016 election in the air now is the time to get your bid in for both




Both of which will go to auction tonight at 9pm PT/12am ET.

In addition the following 3 character names have more than one bid and will be going into auction TONIGHT, Monday August 31st at 9pm PT/12am ET Tuesday September 1:




Also entering the auction phase tonight is



If you want in on the above auctions your bid must be in by 9pm PT today/12am ET tonight (technically Tuesday 9/1).

There are hundreds of other great names dropping this week including 99Cent.club, cryptography.club and powerlift.club.  Visit SnapNames to see all the great dropping .CLUB names coming up soon and place your bids.


Photo Credit: © Stuart Miles


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