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As we continue to highlight some of the many great .CLUB websites that have launched, we have introduced everything from Rotary Club Chapters to Celebrities to Entrepreneurs who have all recognized that a domain name ending in .CLUB is perfect for their online presence.  We have also noticed that a lot of bloggers have been registering and using a .CLUB name for their blog.  It makes perfect sense.  If someone is passionate about a topic to blog about it, they are likely trying to build a community around it.  We think you’ll agree that .Club is the ideal domain name for any community.

One of the blogs that made our mouths water is  This is a great blog that features fast and easy recipes.  Not only are they easy to prepare, but each recipe is easy to get access to from the blog, with downloadable PDF and ePUB versions of every meal so you can cook with your Kindle! (Or any other computer, tablet, phone or eReader.)

Here’s how describes themselves:

Welcome. We are a recipe and meals food blog where you can find free dailyeasy meals to make and cook. We post new quick and easy meals every day for you to make and enjoy. From the most basic and easiest simple meals for people on the go to quick and easy dinners, breakfasts, lunches, brunches and more.

The main idea behind the Easy Meals Club was to provide people on the go with quick and easy meals to cook. People like students particularly, those in universities or in college. People on their lunch break from work. Or just anyone that wants to learn some quick and easy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to make, cook, eat and enjoy.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming to the .CLUB family and check out some of their easy meals yourself.  Let us know what you think.  Of course we are partial to the  Chicken and Bacon CLUB Sandwich!

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