I, The Mountain Releases New Single “The Boat” (and there’s a .CLUB connection)

We launched .CLUB with rapper 50 Cent and a fan site, 50Inda.club, and ever since we’ve seen may artists and bands around the world use a .CLUB domain. It makes good sense as a band’s website is dedicated to their fans.

Today, Canadian Indy band I, The Mountain (www.ithemountain.club) has released their latest single “The Boat” along with a fun music video for the song. In creating the song “The Boat” I, The Mountain had the help of Simon Ward, lead singer of The Strumbellas, and Simon makes a cameo appearance in the music video for the song.

Speaking of cameo appearances, one of the .CLUB team members has a family connection to one of the I, The Mountain band members. When the band was raising money to produce their video, the incubator Startups.club helped out, as the song’s catchy refrain, “we’re halfway there” really resonates with the entrepreneur journey. (Stay tuned, as the song may also appear in the Startups.club documentary series). If you watch the video above, you’ll also see one of the characters visit a .CLUB website in the context of the video’s storyline.

Enjoy the song and video! And if you like it, please support the band by sharing this post or the song’s smart URL: http://smarturl.it/theboatsingle

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