Inside Catch.Club with Endrit Muca, CMO, Namesilo (video)

“Ideas Won’t Keep. Something Must Be Done About Them.”

– Alfred North Whitehead

We at .CLUB love ideas! We believe that it is from these ideas that new businesses, new entrepreneurs, and new solutions evolve.

We are sure many of us register a domain with just an idea in mind. These days with businesses adopting digital transformation at an unforeseen pace having a website and a proper online brand has never been more important. A domain name is one of the first things an entrepreneur or businessperson must decide on. One of the ways many knowledgeable entrepreneurs and domain investors find a great domain name is by using a “drop catch” service – a means of reserving or “catching” a domain name that is expiring before it goes back into general public availability.

We are always looking for interesting .CLUB businesses to profile here, and we recently had the chance to interview the folks behind a new “drop catch” service, aptly named,

Watch Endrit Muca, CMO of NameSilo, a popular domain registrar that has launched its drop catching service with the domain name We thank Endrit and his team for choosing a great .CLUB domain, and for taking the time to tell us a bit more about Enjoy the video of Endrit below.

Here is the transcript of the video if anyone would like a quick read:

1. What is

Endrit: CATCH.CLUB is a new platform powered by NameSilo that allows you to backorder all your domains from one platform. No more multiple logins and different control panels which can cause you delays and cost money + time. CATCH.CLUB is here to solve these problems. Our proprietary backorder platform consolidates multiple popular drop catching services, allowing you to capture your desired names and manage them, all from one platform.

2.  What sets apart from other drop catching services?

Endrit: By consolidating multiple drop catching services into one platform, CATCH.CLUB will make backordering more efficient and convenient for users. Since we have integrated popular services and partners, the probability of catching your desired domains will be higher. Through the platform, you will be able to place your bids and manage your orders/domains across all our different partners without needing to login to each individual platform.

3.  Why did you choose the domain Do you see any benefits of owning a . club domain?

Endrit:We went with CATCH.CLUB because we found it to be catchy, short, and rememberable. It’s a domain extension with universal appeal and recognition, and the benefit of having the same meaning across the world. Our goal is to leverage these advantages to market the online identity of our platform.

4. What are your future plans with and what can the customers expect?

Endrit: We are working to release the platform in the next month or two. Upon launch, we will begin to expand the functionality and scope of the platform. For example, we will look to support additional domain extensions including .CLUB and work to integrate additional drop catching partners. A big priority for us is also to gather feedback from customers as far as what can be improved and how we can help them to better solve their drop catching pain-points. 

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