Inside with Founder & Podcast Expert, Steve Olsher

“People are really listening and want to consume all of the content that is there and available. There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you don’t otherwise find. And now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom — and that boom is only getting louder.”

Miranda Katz, Author at Wired

Podcasting has been a popular communication medium to entertain, educate, and humor audiences for quite some time now. Podcasts deliver recorded and live streaming audio content without conventional radio constraints like broad mass programming and rigid time schedules in favor of targeted (often innovative) content and on-demand listening options – whatever you like, anytime, anywhere.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great resources about the business of podcasting, and one of the leaders in this space is Steve Olsher, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Podcast Magazine and creator of on Clubhouse. ClubPod, is the largest podcast-focused ‘Club’ on Clubhouse, where fans and podcasters of every genre, audience size, and expertise gather to discuss the world of podcasting’s growth and monetization strategies, culture, and trending topics.

Like many others on Clubhouse, Steve and his team, use a .CLUB website to connect with his audience outside of Clubhouse with the mission of building a community for the podcast industry to gather, learn and connect. The team at ClubPod uses for their website, where they list upcoming events and give access to a FREE lifetime digital subscription of their PODCAST MAGAZINE®.

With the advent of the Clubhouse app, audio-based social media has grown in popularity and is now being joined by major players including Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. The audio-based chat format has wide appeal and attracts a large audience as it is easy to listen to anytime, anywhere. If you think about it, Clubhouse is basically a live podcast, but unlike a traditional podcast, you can easily participate and contribute to the conversation as you like.

We hope you enjoy Steve’s video interview as he talks about, and why he chose a .CLUB domain name.

Here is the transcript of the video if you would prefer reading:

Q1. What is Clubpod. club? What is the Club’s Mission & Inspiration?

Hey, this is Steve Olsher. I am the founder and editor in chief of Podcast Magazine, and also the creator of Club Pod. And, we have a .CLUB domain And is quite simply the largest podcast club on CluHhouse. And, basically our, our mission is quite simple, and our mission is to elevate the podcast industry one room at a time.

Um, and we’re really happy to say and proud to say that we have quickly grown to over 70,000 members there on clubhouse. And so it’s been a hell of  an interesting trek so far and looking forward to what’s next.

Q2. What is your Web Address? And What will people find there?

You can find out more information, I mean, our .CLUB domain is, is So you go there and you’ll find all sorts of interesting things and you will find a calendar of events. We update that just as often, as we possibly can, right? So that people can go and find out about all of the rooms that’ll be taking place inside of ClubPod

We also feature a lot of our ClubPod leaders People who are well, we train them to lead discussions in ClubPod. And so they’re authorized to do so and their assigned as ClubPod leaders. So, that’s what you’ll find there. A lot of information about ClubPod, a lot of information about the shows in that rooms that we’ve got coming up.

A lot of information about our ClubPod leaders. And also that’s the place, we direct people to grab a free lifetime subscription to Podcasts Magazine.  So go to, and you’ll see a private backdoor link there to grab a free lifetime subscription to Podcast Magazine as well.

Q3. Why did you choose a .CLUB domain?

So we chose to use a club domain mostly because it was Clubhouse. We were feeling like, you know, Clubhouse, Clubs, that sort of thing. But at the same token, I’ve actually been using, .CLUB domains for quite some time. Our first .CLUB, we started for a monthly membership program, which was called BlasterMind.

So that was, but we really chose a .club domain for ClubPod, just because it seemed to make the most sense in terms of, Hey, you know, what’s the extension we’re going to use here. It seemed to make the most sense as far as club is concerned. And of course, you know, there were others on clubhouse who were using that .CLUB extensions.And so it just, just made the most sense for us to use it. And, we’re really, really happy with it.

Q4. Tell us about an interesting conversation, room or notable guests you had on the Clubhouse App

So since we started with ClubPod, I mean, we’ve had a ton of interesting folks come on. I think one of my favorite rooms, that we’ve done so far inside of ClubPod, as we did a room with Roger Love, who was a celebrity voice coach. And this was just an unbelievable room that we’d led there. God, I mean, there were, I think there were 7,000 people, that ended up coming into that room over the course of our time together.

And so we had a Brendan Burchard. We had, oh my God, we had a Jim Kwik. We had just like an endless stream of people that are just up to such amazing things. Uh, so definitely one of my favorite rooms that we’ve done so far, we’ve had lots of other folks come in. I mean, we’ve had, um, Amy Porterfield, we’ve had Jenna Kutcher.

We’ve had, uh, Glen Washington of snap judgments, spooked, and, um, just many, many others. Conal Bern and many others as well. Uh, yeah, we really, really love our club there and love the people that didn’t attract for sure.

Q5 What are the future plans for

So our plans for club pod and more specifically is to continue build that site is a place for people to go to find out more information about ClubPod, and also we’re building a community, really a much stronger community of a podcast or some people who love podcasts, culture and the industry of podcasts, et cetera, as well.

So we’re really going to go ahead and they continue to use as a place for people. Of course, not only to find out information about podcasts, but to gather and to learn about each other and to connect. And we have our own coin, which is called bold coin, which is the crypto for podcasters.

And so we’re really looking into though the world of Dow and the decentralized autonomous organizations with our own coin and perhaps even our own, uh, decentralized podcast distribution network and so on, that will probably then up tying in, uh, with ClubPod, as well. So a lot of interesting things, a lot of exciting things going on and, uh, can’t wait to share with you, what’s next.

Q6. Which registrar did you get you .CLUB domain from?

Now we grabbed our,  .club, uh, domains, again,, which I’ve had for now for some time, then we’ve got other .Clubs, and of course We use So that’s what. That’s where we currently register, our domains. It’s just somewhat, just a site that I’ve been using for years and, and just very much love what’s going on in the world of .Club.

How that domain is now finding more accessibility, more interest, in the world of online marketing. So, we’ll be adding more, more. club domains to the mix for sure. And, uh, just, do you have any questions I’m always here to answer those for you. I’m, Steve Olsher again, founder, editor in chief of Podcast magazine,

Uh, it is my direct email. And again, you can go to and see all the fun stuff we’ve got going on there, including grabbing a free lifetime subscription to Podcasts Magazine. And we’d love to have you join us for that ride.!

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