Inside Council.Club with Founder, Najeeb Khan (video)

“ A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”
-Duke Ellington

In essence, all entrepreneurs are problem solvers. The market of the world needs to address a problem or a need, and the entrepreneur finds a solution and creates a business around it.

In recent times, remote working, as opposed to the usual corporate office set up, has been on the rise. Even before COVID-19, companies like Automattic, GitLab, Buffer, Zappier, DuckDuckGo and many others have been fully remote, with employees distributed and decentralized all over the world, rather than gathered together at a physical “headquarters” location. Automattic, the company that founded and currently runs, Akismet, and WooCommerce, has over 1100 employees and has been working fully remotely for many years.

With COVID-19, many companies have been forced to adopt the remote working model. Companies have been scrambling to find a platform to communicate, coordinate, and co-work together over the past few months. This has been one of the reasons for the Zoom Boom, or in general, the video conferencing boom recently. But with this sudden change of environment, employees have had to face problems such as lack of cohesion, tough collaboration, increased loneliness, and sometimes even depression.

Enter Najeeb Khab with, a virtual co-working service that addresses these problems and concerns. is a community of founders, leaders, and teams, who work remotely and help, support, and mentor each other.

We are always looking for interesting .CLUB businesses and we had the chance to interview Najeeb to learn more about and how Najeeb is solving the problems faced by employees while remote working. Watch the video interview with Najeeb below.

Here is the transcript of the video if anyone would like a quick read:

What is Council Club all about?

Najeeb: is a community of remote workers; it is really people who work remotely from all around the world. There are entrepreneurs, there are managers, there are leaders and everything in between. The beautiful part about is that you get to meet likeminded people from all around the world. So, if you are a manager facing a difficult problem, you can meet someone else at a similar level and get to know each other. The other part is, if you want to just have a casual chitchat, all do virtual co-working, you can do that as well. It is a community that is built on helping each other, not to directly sell to each other.

So that is, if you are an employer or if you are just a solopreneur, but if you are a corporation, there is platforms to help you improve your remote team’s culture and cohesion so that way your remote team is better connected and that is what is about.

What sets apart from other similar businesses or services?

Najeeb: The thing that sets apart from everyone else or anything that similar, It’s that it started off with the community first, it’s a community, and everything’s built on and added, based on what the community needs. And it’s a place for people to help each other, not to sell and I’m pretty sure you’ve been part of other groups where people are just exchanging business cards, hoping to sell, but this is not the place. This is the place to, “Hey, I have this problem! I ’d love to get some help!”, and that is what sets part It’s also a place for corporations to use platforms and services and tools to help improve their remote teams. That is what sets apart from everyone else.

What was the inspiration behind starting ?

Najeeb: Last year, when I was thinking about what I wanted to do next after selling my previous startup, I tried to figure out what is a problem that I want to solve. I didn’t necessarily go out to solve and start a problem, but I just wanted to see where my curiosity led. Along the way, I discovered that there was a few people who actually struggle, working from home. And personally, for me, I’ve been working from home for eight years, however, I was able to solve it. And a lot of other people weren’t. So after talking to them, I realized that not only did they have anxiety and depression but they struggled. And because I was able to solve it, I thought, maybe I can help them solve their problem. And after talking to a lot of people, I realized that there is an opportunity here that no one else is addressing. And that’s where the idea of council club came to be. It’s to help bring people together at the same time, it’s to help make them happier and better connected, because we are all at home, isolated, yet we can still be connected and that’s the beauty and power of the internet. And that’s what we’re using to connect people, not only for people who work by themselves but also within teams and corporations for them to better connect with each other, that is how came to be.

Why did you choose the domain Do you see any benefits of using a .Club domain?

Najeeb: After coming up with different names, I actually came up with two hundred names, and initially had a different name, So I went with that. After realizing the former name wasn’t ideal, I went back to the drawing board and tried to figure out a different name. And that’s when I tried to narrow down in terms of trademark and a whole bunch of other factors based on that council club came to be ideal, because not only was I able to get the .com domain name, but also the .club. And that is what led me to using domain name. And the benefit is, you don’t need to think about writing .com at the end, you could just write and everything just directs right there.

What are your future plans with and what can your customers/visitors expect?

Najeeb: The future plans of is vast. I’ll share a bit of what we’re planning in the future. So right now, it’s largely geared towards the community, but now we’re building products and services to help not only the community but also corporations and businesses that need to improve their remote team culture to help them be more happier. Because the if you look at the biggest, one of the biggest challenges of working remotely its loneliness, and that’s what we’re tackling. With corporations, enterprises and within companies we are helping them and their teams be better connected with each other to help improve their happiness and reduce their loneliness because, as studies have shown, when there is a higher index of loneliness that led to higher rates of depression and suicides and negative elements as well. So that’s why council club is building products and services to help connect teams better. And one way we’re doing this is just focusing on helping them with their cohesion and. to stay tuned based on what’s happening over there. You’re going to have to follow us to stay updated

Which registrar did you get your name from?

After deciding on domain. I went with Google domains as the registrar of choice for myself. The reason why is because I already have a few other domains on Google domains, and that became a bit easier. So that’s how I opted for using google domains as the registrar for

Is there anything else you’d like to mention that we did not ask?

If you want to take a look at what we’re up to, or if you are a remote team and want to get better in terms of your team and your products, or at least meet others, if you work by yourself, meet other remote workers and you want to have some roundtables where you can get pure mentorship and feedback on your challenge or problem, business problem. Or if it’s just a casual chitchat, check on out

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