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“The more knowledge you’ve got, the more understanding you have, the better you are able to implement and pass it on to others.”

– Tony Orlando

The domain industry is a great business to be in. With growing internet penetration and a rising number of entrepreneurs worldwide, more people are getting online and looking for online business opportunities. For companies to go global, it is essential to have an internet presence. A domain name is the starting point of your online journey. Building an online presence is one path, however, there are many other ways to make use of a domain to earn money. This is where the concept of “domain monetization” comes in. Domain Monetization is the process of generating revenue from the traffic that comes to your domain name.

For example, you could sell Ad Space on a landing page so that companies can showcase their ads to your domain visitors. You could run an affiliate marketing site where you create content and attract targeted traffic so they buy products or services, and you receive an affiliate fee from their purchases. There are many more methods to monetize your domain.

One of the veterans in this ‘domain’ is Michael Gilmour from Australia. Michael is an avid internet entrepreneur, author, and domain monetization expert who is well known and recognized in the industry. To pass on his experience and knowledge gained over decades, Michael has set up to offer his Masterclass on Domain Monetization. aims to simplify the complex and technical concepts around Domain Monetization through a series of Masterclasses that Michael himself instructs. With detailed case studies and real-life experiences, offers a wealth of information for everyone in the industry, regardless of your experience level.

Watch the interview video below where Michael talks all about and also explains why he chose a .club name.

Here is the transcript of the video if you would prefer reading:

What is All About?

Michael: What is people say, what would the MCL stand for? MCL is master class lessons and Master Class Lessons is a place where I can put a lot of videos for initially the domain industry, and then eventually, I think it will get broader than that. And the idea of the videos as to help educate people in the domain industry that could make better decisions. One of the challenges so I think in the domain industry, is that there is so much information out there. And really is it from a reputable source? The first Master Class Lesson I put up, is on domain monetization. so if you’re sitting there saying, I really want to go along and learn about domain monetization then is the place to go. And I think that’s a really exciting thing. By the way, it’s completely free. We are just giving this away.

What sets apart from other similar businesses or services?

Michael: So what is put it apart from other services like this? You know what, I think the fundamental thing is that it’s not a business per say. is really myself trying to get back to the domain community.

What was the inspiration behind starting the

Michael: And this is really part of the inspiration behind the and Masterclass Lessons. Is that I find that the domain industry has given me so much, it really has over many many years. I wanted to give something back. And the best thing I can give back, and I’ve been doing it for many years in my blog whizzbangsblog. But the best thing I can give back is my knowledge, and I’ve been in this industry a long time facing the internet industry since the early days, the bulletin board systems and so forth. And to be able to help give back to the domain industry, to the wonderful people in this industry is a real passion of mine, and that’s where came from, and I wanted to do that, and just to help people out, that’s the joy of my life.

Why did you choose the domain Do you see any benefits of using a .Club Domain?

Michael: So why I choose a .CLUB domain, that’s an interesting question. I’ve always been very pro .club, not only is it translatable to many, many languages. But the thing I loved about it was M-C-L like we actually initially got [], and that’s a mouthful, vs. It’s so much shorter, it really is a lot shorter. And it means that people be able to remember it. If they can remember MCL as masterclasslessons, they not just go there. and I think there’s less of a stigma around a new gTLD domain extension, like .CLUB now in the early days. But seven years ago, there was like, what are they all these news extinctions? Now there’s a lot less stigma, particularly in the domain industry, which is the primary initial market for Master Class Lessons. 

What are your future plans with and what can your customers/visitors expect?

Michael: The other reason why is that ultimately. We’re headed where I’d like to see is in the future. and I guess my future plans for is that it is like a club. It is people who have completed the various master classes and putting up there. I would love to be able to give other people do matter classes, as well as part of the vision. I’d like to be able to do to have it so that people who have completed say, some of these courses, they can actually get a certificate and things like that. I think it’d be really good, because there’s a lot of effort on the part of the people who attend I’d love to have them so they can swap information as well with each other. I think there’s a lot of learning comes from an expert to a “student”, but there’s also so much learning happens. One is from students to the expert, also student to student. And so it’d be great to be able the facilitate this. So I see that the and is currently incarnation is that it’s in its really early days. I must have been like very passionate about this, all the programming, all the content, everything. I actually personally did. I’m a firm believer that if you want to go along and gets a good quality content, speak to someone who’s actually done it. And that’s one of the things that I really wanted to focus on.

Which registrar did you get your name from?

Michael: So which registrar to get a name from? I used EPIK, EPIK is E-P-I-K dot com. And so I went to EPIK, and the wonderful people from .CLUB helped facilitate securing the three character .CLUB for me. and that’s in my account in EPIK, and that was just great to be able to work with them. It was so easy, I must admit. In fact, it’s so easy to spend money. It made me want to think about if there are other .CLUB domains that I would like to get and secured, or something like that. because they did make it so easy at EPIK and also the team at .CLUB, and which is always a good thing. In business, it is so many other things you could be doing and need to be doing. And to have someone come along and make it easy as just a joy, and it really is.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention that we did not ask?

Michael: So, if you were thinking to yourself, I was really want to go and learn about domain monetization and to get a quality masterclass that you can enjoy and get something out of for your business, then go to My name is Michael Gilmour. And I love the fact that I got a .CLUB domain.

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