Inside Origami.Club with Founder, Marcio Okabe (video)

Passion should be the fire that drives your life’s work.

– Michael Dell

At .CLUB we always want to live by our tagline, ” Your Passion. Your .CLUB”.

We are firm believers in the power of ‘passion’ and recognize that a .CLUB domain name is ideal for anyone who wants to express their passion by building a community around an interest, product, or service. At .CLUB, our passion is entrepreneurship and helping businesses, clubs, and individuals have access to great brandable domain names for their online presence where they can share their passions with the world. Nothing makes us happier than discovering new, innovative, and creative ways people are using their .CLUB domain names to express their unique passion.

When our CMO, Jeff Sass, was in Brazil for a conference a few years ago he met up with another marketer, Marcio Okabe. When Marcio learned about .CLUB, he realized it would be the perfect domain extension for him to use to start an online community around his passion – Origami. Origami, which means ‘folding paper’ in Japanese, is the art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. Other than just creating art pieces, Origami is excellent for developing fine eye coordination, intense mental concentration, and good motor skills.

Marcio Okabe registered to start his website for origamists, people who practice the art of origami. At, he shares tips and tricks, event updates, instruction videos, and much more, for people who love origami as well as for people who are new to it. We even talked about in our earlier article about hobbies you could to take up during the lockdown period the past few months.

We had a chance to interview Marcio recently, and learn more about Watch the video to learn more and see some impressive works of origami made by Marcio.

Here is the transcript of the video if you would prefer reading:

What is Origami.Club all about?

Hi, my name is Marcio Okabe. I live in St.Paul, in Brazil, I’m in fifty-two years old and, is a portal that helps to connect origamists with people and organizations all over the world to learn origami like this simple butterfly or this very interesting cube, or this incredible origami called fireworks. I love this one! Origami can help people in stimulating focus, mindfulness. and it can help in education and even mental health.

What sets Origami.Club apart from other similar businesses or services?

Marcio: What sets apart from other similar businesses or services, is that we are not only a marketplace, we also empower origamists together into teams and to learn how to do business together. We develop special, origamis like origami lamps like this one or this one. We share research like laser cuts to mark this origami and, we share spaces to make origami together. We help people to locate spaces like an Airbnb of origami.

What was the inspiration behind starting Origami.Club ?

Marcio: My inspiration to create came to me years ago, when I remember a code from the book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success from Deepak Chopra, it used to ask people find out something you would do for free for the rest of your life, then find a way to earn money with it. And I remember that I never answered this question to me. And I thought for some seconds, and I remembered origami, origami is the answer. Then I decided to create origami and discovery many techniques like this one. desolation, desolation at great technique and their greatest pieces like this. Deepak Chopra has another quote, very important and very meaningful for me to create You have a unique talent, a unique way of expressing it, and something that you do better than anyone else in the world. Then you should share it and I believe that we can help other origamists and other people to find this inside themselves. This is called IKIGAI, and this is my inspiration too.

Why did you choose the domain Origami.Club? Do you see any benefits of using a .Club domain?

Marcio: I decided to choose, because the domain explain itself, we are a club of origamists. I’m very happy to discover this domain when I meet Jeff Sass, the CMO, in Brazil some years ago. I love because every country can understand the domain, in any language.

What are your future plans with Origami.Club and what can your customers/visitors expect?

Marcio:My plans for the future of is to create the platform. We don’t have the platform yet, and we will launch a cloud funding all over the world, international cloud funding to connect people who loves origami. Origamists who meet to work with origami, and we will create this great market place, so our visitors and customers can expect to find to help us to promote these cloud funding campaign. I will be very grateful with everyone.

Which registrar did you get your name from?

Marcio: We choose GoDaddy as a registrar for our domain.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention that we did not ask?

Marcio: What we plan in the near future is to launch a cloud funding campaign to raise funds and create a platform to help origamists to be found and to share their talents with anyone in the world

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