It’s Official: .CLUB + GoDaddy Registry = GoDaddy.CLUB!

We are very pleased to say .CLUB is now officially part of GoDaddy Registry. In April, we announced GoDaddy Registry would acquire .CLUB, and the transaction recently closed giving the .CLUB top-level domain a new home. We are excited to work together to transition .CLUB to GoDaddy Registry using our collective strengths to further the .CLUB mission of helping individuals, businesses, clubs, and organizations worldwide build online brands and communities around their passions, products, and services.

Given that GoDaddy Registry is already the .Club technical platform, the transition will continue to be seamless and without any interruptions for our registrants and registrars. Please continue to reach out to us as you currently do. We are here to answer any technical, operations, and marketing program questions for you through this transition period and can be reached as follows.

The entire .CLUB team greatly appreciates all of your interest and support over the years, and remains excited to see .CLUB continue to grow and prosper as part of GoDaddy Registry.

The .Club Team

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Nivu Hussain

Nivu Hussain is the Director of Marketing at .CLUB Domains. You can follow him on Twitter or instagram at @nivuhussain

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