Join a Book Club! More Things to do During your ‘Stay at Home’ Time

Book Club

This is the latest post in our’ Stay at Home’ series. In our past posts, we introduced some cooking-related websites, exciting hobbies, and thrilling games. In this post, we are going to share some reading-related sites. Some of them provide a new book list for you, and others offer reading communities that can let you make some new friends. This week, while staying at home, why not read an exciting book and discuss the story with new friends?

Here are some Book and Reading websites that we thought may be of interest to you:

BookCase.Club is a monthly subscription service for both avid readers and those looking to amplify their imagination. They believe in the importance of literature and the magic of the written word. You can choose a different theme, and how many books you want monthly, and they deliver the books to your home. They even have a book club specifically for children as well.

They also have #BCCUnBoxing topics on social media that you can share with others online. Meanwhile, in response to the call to stay at home, BookCase.Club launched a 20% off discount for first orders! Joining at this time is a fun, productive, and cost-effective way to kickstart your reading!

Reading not only allows us to enjoy leisure time, but it also allows us to better understand ourselves. Reading can be an important part of our self-help and even our mental health care. Now, more than ever, many of us are facing a variety of stress and anxiety-related issues. We often doubt ourselves and don’t always like our current selves so much. When the founder of found that she could re-recognize her own value and improve her life through reading, she wanted to promote this method as the antidote to everyone who is troubled. is such a reading community. Its purpose is to allow members to communicate better with themselves and others through reading books and connecting with people in the community. currently provides online events and provides great reading lists and other resources to help you through books and communication with online partners. They have also started a two- month virtual book club, called Toni’s Book Club, where members meet via a zoom call.

rebel book club

Do you have a few books on your bedstand that you haven’t opened? The more books you put in the stack, the more you have no time or patience to open a page. This is known as ‘tsundoku’ – a Japanese word describing the growing pile of unread books next to your bed. is a website that wants to help you accelerate your reading habits in a distracted world. To join just fill out a simple form, and on the same day each month, you will get a voucher for an inspiring book. Then, will remind you to read weekly.

Meanwhile, you will be invited to the community remote monthly meetup. You can connect with other members, sharing and voting, and participate in special events, which can help you to form better reading habits. As a mature community, has a wealth of activities and membership options. It is a great way to encourage yourself to read more. Join and start tackling that stack of books by your bedside!

E Reading Book club

If you prefer reading on an electronic device rather than holding a physical book in hand, we recommend you to take a look at Here you can find the books you want. At the same time, if you can only remember the storyline or a fragment about a book and forgot the name, you can ask a question in the forum. All community members will come to help you find this book together. The web design of is very “old-school” and straightforward, like a dictionary, directory, or a search engine. It may not look pretty, but it is very functional and powerful as a search engine specifically for books. Almost all the books you want to read can found here!

With the help of Google Translate and multi-language options, can bring you complete reading pleasure no matter where you are or what your native language is! It is a great place to begin your reading journey!

We hope that these websites can provide you more inspiration and reading materials while you are at home. If you try one of these sites, please let us know how you enjoyed it by emailing us at

Please stay safe and healthy and stay tuned for our next post featuring passions you can pursue at home.

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