Learn Something New! More Things to do During your ‘Stay at Home’ Time

This is the latest post in our’ Stay at Home’ series. In our past posts, we introduced some cooking-related websites, exciting hobbies, thrilling games, and book clubs. In this post, we are going to share some online courses for you that you may find interesting. Some of us have been using our time at home to catch up on some self-improvement goals and learn some new skills or pursue some new interests. Thanks to the internet, there are many great sites to visit to explore and gain knowledge about some new fields you may not have had the time or inclination to pursue before.

Academic Fields

online courses and learning community

We’ve already highlighted ways to use the Internet for fun and hobbies, but we can also leverage the web to scratch an academic itch we might have. While online education has been around for a long time, now even more schools have moved to online course methodology, and students can more easily do a video/conference call with their professors outside of the classroom. Quizzes and exams are conducted online, and even graduation ceremonies for those who have completed their studies. A fantastic resource to find an available online course is Mooclab.club. It provides a comprehensive directory of over 2000 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and every study tool you will need to participate. Also, Mooclab.club has an excellent study community where you can discuss and engage with other online students and classmates and share and learn from each other’s experiences. 

Many of the courses presented at Mooclab.club, including from some of the most famous universities in the world, also offer paid completion certificates. So, Mooclab.club is an excellent resource whether your goal is to learn for fun or self-improvement, or as a career stepping stone.

Another excellent resource for learning is Online-courses.club. It was created for students, young professionals, and creative people with a desire to learn a wide range of design and programming skills. Online-courses.club has curated tutorials and courses that are free to watch.

Language Learning

Russian Language online course

As a global platform, the Internet connects people who speak many different native languages. So, of course, the Internet is also a great source of language learning. Many websites offer a variety of online language courses. Some are videos and interactive courses, and some incorporate live language learning via video chat on Skype or other platforms. One of the best way’s to learn a new language is through dialogue. Ru-land.club is such a website dedicated to teaching Russian. They not only provide video courses but also have teachers who are Russian native speakers and proficient in language teaching to show you how to use Russian by communicating with students through Skype. Teaching Russian as a foreign language is the passion of Ru-land.club. They regard lessons as a kind of art and are happy to help people from all over the world to learn Russian.!

Musical Instruments Learning

online course guitar

In addition to professional knowledge and language, learning musical instruments online is also a great option. There are many articles and websites on the Internet to explain in detail the study of various musical instruments. But you can also consult a professional teacher online. Virtualband.club is a website that focuses on learning guitar. They use a seven-step teaching method, and you can chat with your teacher anytime when you are when practicing. It only costs the same as a cup of coffee to unlock all the features! They also offer many free tutorials and resources, and tools and applications for online practice. With their professional guidance and active learning methods, you’ll be strumming your favorite music soon!

We hope that these websites can build your professional skills and progress while you are at home. If you try one of these sites, please let us know how you enjoyed it by emailing us at info@get.club.

Please stay safe and healthy and stay tuned for our next post featuring passions you can pursue at home.

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