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Nowadays, an internet presence is essential for any growing and popular business or organization. During these unusual circumstances of lockdowns and quarantine, online is where people are spending most of their time, and getting most of their information and communications. This makes it especially important for organizations and companies to have an active and engaging online presence. Even though golf is primarily an outdoor activity, having an easy to access and active website is essential for every Golf Club.

As things begin to open up, Golf is one sport that can be played while maintaining social distance. This is the sole reason while most team sports activities and competitions have come to a halt, the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Tour has been successful in still hosting their yearly competition tour. Moreover, Golf being a social sport, a Golf Club’s website is an important part of building and maintaining a strong community. Domain names play a huge role in building your Golf Club community as domain names are what effectively lead your player to your club and keep them engaged as well. When seeking golfers to join your club, it is vital that they can find your website in a quick and easy manner.

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Oftentimes, Golf Clubs use long domain names in order to include every word and letter in their community’s complex title. Long domain names are tough to remember. Moreover, in the age of mobile phones, golfers will have to go through the trouble of keying in that long domain name in their search or browser. For example, RoswellGolfClub.com is a long Golf Club domain. If users can’t get to your site, the club won’t gain members in a beneficial way.

This is where .CLUB comes into play and wins the hole with a birdie. Instead, of RoswellGolfClub.com, they could use RoswellGolf.club as their domain name, making it shorter and easier for users to type in the name and for the club to attract a larger golf community. In addition, many Golf Clubs use a domain name of letters to abbreviate their club name which can easily lead to confusion. NNGC could be the initials of many different businesses or associations. It also stands for Naples National Golf Club, and they wisely use NNGC.club as their domain name. That way when NNGC is listed in search results or elsewhere, it is immediately clear which NNGC is the Club!

A .CLUB domain will bring together your golf club’s community – one short, easy to remember, and memorable domain that instantly identifies you as a club.


Simplicity is key when it comes to joining a community. Even if a Golf Club does not want to change an existing domain name, many Golf Clubs use their .CLUB domains to create a members portal, inform members about events being held, redirect their .CLUB domains to their community Facebook page, showcase their online store, and even as a shorter, more memorable email address. There are unlimited ways to get the most out of your .CLUB domain. Foxrungolf.club, CCSF.club, LakeNona.club, Overlake.club are some of the great examples of golf clubs using a .CLUB domain. It’s time to lose that long domain name for your Golf Club and build a greater internet presence.

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