Major League Hacking Joins The .CLUB!

We’ve been hacked – in a good way!  We’re very pleased to announce that Major League Hacking has launched Major League Hacking Club Pages to support official Hacker clubs on college campuses everywhere.  In partnership with our friends at NameCheap we’re going to offer the campus hacker clubs their own .CLUB domain name for their Major League Hacking Club page.

What is Major League Hacking?  According to their website:

Major League Hacking (MLH) powers the official student hackathon league. Each semester, more than 15,000 developers, designers, and makers compete for their school’s glory at the 50+ official MLH hackathons in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

At .CLUB we are very supportive of entrepreneurship and innovation and we recognize the important role Hackathons can play in sparking new ideas, new products and new companies.   We’ve already seen many new businesses launch around a .CLUB name and we’re excited to see continued innovation, cool products and inspiring companies emerge from the activities of campus hacking clubs.   Here’s the official announcement from the Major League Hacking blog:

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Major League Hacking Club pages. The schools with the strongest and most successful student hacker communities all have one thing in common – an official hacker club where students can gather, collaborate, and share the amazing things they build.

We believe that hacker clubs are the vehicle for creating sustainable, scalable hacker communities around the world. We want club pages to play a central role in helping the existing clubs grow and to make it simple to start new ones.

Here are some of things you’ll be able to do on your school’s club page:

  • Get the latest news about your school during hackathon season (photos, videos, & blog coverage)
  • Learn about other hackers at your school and the things they’re building
  • Find out about upcoming events both on and off campus
  • Subscribe to your school’s newsletter for weekly updates

Through our partnership with Namecheap and .CLUB, we will be providing every hacker club with their own free .CLUB domain name to serve as an easy-to-remember address for their school’s page.

Namecheap + .Club

We’ve partnered up with Purdue Hackers to show you an example of what a club page is going to look like. You can now go to to find out about Purdue student hackers, events, and projects…

For the full announcement and to sign up your Hacker Club for an MLH Club page, click here.

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