Our “China” Auction Is Fully Bi-Lingual – Bid Now In English!


The first .CLUB one and two letter domain name auction is now underway!  With the high demand for short (1, 2 and 3 character) domains in China, we are hosting the auction on EJEE’s EachNic platform in China.  While the auction is hosted in China, the EachNic platform is fully bi-lingual and it is very easy to set up an account and participate in the bidding in English, with all payments handled by Escrow.com.  If you go to www.EachNic.com from a non-chinese IP it will automatically show you everything in English, and full instructions, in English, are at www.eachnic.com/support.  The team at EJEE, with help from the team at Allegravita, have done a great job of creating a truly bi-lingual auction experience that is easy and intuitive for both Chinese and English speaking bidders.  In addition, we’ve set up a free concierge service to provide live assistance for any bidders who desire some hands-on help.

This truly bi-lingual auction creates a great opportunity for Western domain investors to get in on the action.  Just in the past week we sold a 2-letter name for $15,000 and a 3-letter name for $19,000 (details will be in our upcoming Monthly Premium Name Report).

Game On!

Bidding is already underway on the first three sets of names, and the auction for the first 5 names ends at 10:30pm EST October 31st.  The names in the first wave are: HJ.club,  JC.club,  YM.club, JS.club and GZ.club.


Bids are rising, get yours in now!


Bidding is also now underway for:


Great names that will soon open for bidding include:

YC.club, YQ.club, ZQ.club, TB.club, DS.club, JD.club, PJ.club, GW.club, LY.club, MH.club and the single letter, C.club.

The full schedule is available at both Eachnic.com and Nic.club/auction.

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