A Popular Science Club in Algeria: CSE.club

With the endearing tagline, “We Are Creative Nerds,” the scientific club of ESI (CSE), is the oldest club in the Higher National School of Computer Science in Algeria. Founded in 2008 by a group of ambitious students, it has grown to more than 1,000 CS students, making CSE one of the biggest and most active clubs in Algeria. It is also one of the newest members of the .CLUB family, having recently changed its domain name to www.CSE.club.

CSE is the short name for “Club Scientifique de l’ESI,” the Scientific Club of ESI. While the club was started with a focus on Computer Science, today there are active members working in many sectors including Communication, Design, Events, Security, Web and other projects.  CSE.club organizes all kinds of tech related events with a goal to help the community and grow the number of tech-savvy students in Algeria.

CSE.club has a very active schedule of events, from Startup Weekend Algiers to Hack Days, HackIT and other Hackathons, to the Algeria Web Awards and many other events to encourage innovation and participation. We’re very proud to have CSE.club as another strong and important community that is a member of the .CLUB! Here’s a short video introduction to CSE.club:

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