Q1 Premium Sales Report: .CLUB Delivers Huge Sales of over $500,000

2017 is off to an impressive start for .CLUB with a total of 475 premium names sold in Q1 via auctions, through the registrar channel and aftermarket platforms, and directly by the registry, generating over $500,000 in total topline premium name sales for the quarter. In January, the registry launched the .CLUB Broker Program and 60-month, no interest, easy payment plans for names priced at $500 or more at www.get.club. 88 of the 475 names sold during the quarter were sold at get.club.

The .CLUB tiered premium program continues to be a great global success, and in Q1 351 names were sold by 30 different registrars in 13 different countries. 4 names were sold in the NamesCon auction in January.

Total topline premium name sales for Q1 2017, from all sources, came to a very strong $505,139.40, which is more than 50% of the total 2016 premium sales of $941,121.78.

As of March 31, 2017, total topline cumulative sales of registry reserved premium .CLUB names came to $4,844,428.45.  Notable sales in Q1 2017 included Seniors.club and Pet.club for $18,000 each, and Photo.club for $10,000. For all .CLUB premium names, the premium fee is one-time only, and renewals are at the low standard registration fee.

We introduced our tiered premium names to the registrar channel on July 1, 2015 and the registrar channel continues to be an active source of premium name sales for .CLUB. A list of participating registrars is available here. To download lists of the tiered premium names available through the registrar channel on a first come, first served basis, click here.  The top premium tiers available through the registrar channel are names priced up to $10,000.  Higher value names are available through Sedo.com, Afternic.com, Right of the Dot, and at get.club.

This report reflects all public registry reserved topline premium name sales that occurred and closed during Q1 2017.

NEW FOR 2017: Broker Program and Interest-Free Payment Plans

.CLUB continues to innovate new ways to make brandable premium names accessible to entrepreneurs and small businesses. The registry was the first to offer financing to select registrants under our Startup Club program, which successfully incubated businesses such as Coffee.club and Soap.club. In January, we expanded the opportunity by offering registry-backed payment plans for all premium names sold directly by the registry and priced at more than $500. With 60-month, interest free payments, a $1,000 name can be had for less than $17/month. For businesses and entrepreneurs, great premium priced names become much more attainable when payments are spread out over 5 years.  You can search for and purchase premium .CLUB names, with a one-time payment or with 60-month easy payments, at www.get.club.

In conjunction with launch of the easy payment plan, we introduced the .CLUB BROKER PROGRAM. This program makes it very easy for domain investors and brokers to offer discounts to their customers and earn commissions on the sale of .CLUB premium names, including names that are using the easy payment plan.  Approved brokers are issued a unique code they can pass along to their customers. The code will automatically offer a 10% discount to the purchaser and earn commission for the broker the code is assigned to. Interested brokers can get more details and apply for their unique code at www.get.club/broker.

Q1 2017 – OVERVIEW

During the months of January, February and March, a total of 475 premium names were sold by 30 different registrars as well as Sedo and directly by the registry. There was one auction (NamesCon) during the quarter. Total topline sales for Q1 were $505,139.40.  GoDaddy was the top registrar during the quarter with 197 sales totaling $89,298.03. NameCheap sold 46 names for a total of $14,001.62 and Sedo sold 32 names for a total of $13,500. 4 names were sold in the NamesCon Auction for a total of $12,800.

.CLUB continues to demonstrate strong global demand with Q1 premium name sales made by registrars in 13 different countries, including the U.S., China, Russia, France, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany and more.

Here are the sales by registrars over $1,000 for Q1 2017:

Name Registrar Retail Price
photo.club RegistryGate GmbH  $10,000.00
russian.club URL Solutions, Inc.  $7,498.61
bingo.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $6,999.99
history.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $4,999.99
watch.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $4,999.99
curling.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $2,999.99
swim.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $2,999.99
jack.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $2,999.99
journalist.club RU-CENTER  $2,870.55
bridge.club Crazy Domains FZ  $2,856.74
kinky.club 101domain $2,113.00
ravens.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,999.99
vacationhome.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
time.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
promo.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
dnb.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
wash.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
jewel.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
antique.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
extra.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
slotmachines.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
land.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
muscle.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
milliondollar.club GoDaddy.com, LLC  $1,999.99
berlin.club united-domains AG  $1,990.00
affair.club NameCheap, Inc.  $1,830.47
brew.club NameCheap, Inc.  $1,830.47
core.club NameCheap, Inc.  $1,830.47
deluxe.club Uniregistrar Corp  $1,548.85
auctions.club Uniregistrar Corp  $1,548.85
moscow.club URL Solutions, Inc.  $1,506.61
fish.club URL Solutions, Inc.  $1,506.61
electro.club RU-CENTER  $1,445.05

Get.club and Easy Payment Plans

During the quarter, we launched our easy payment plan at www.get.club, featuring 60-month, no interest payments for any premium name priced at over $500. As of March 31, 2017, 88 names were sold directly by the registry at get.club. 85 of the names are being paid in installments as part of the easy payment program. The total topline value of the 85 subscription names is $320,844.60. Participants in the .CLUB Broker program were responsible for 78 or approximately 89% of the names sold at get.club.


Premium name sales through the registrar channel continue to be a substantial source of revenue for .CLUB. The launch of the easy payment plan and broker program at Get.club has been extremely successful and has demonstrated that paying for premium names in installments over time is an attractive model for both domain investors and end-users.

Small businesses and startups can afford to make payments out of cash flow over time rather than make a large upfront payment. We believe this model encourages usage and we have already seen a number of live sites up and running under the easy payment program, including News.club, Loan.club and others.



Nearly $1 Million in .CLUB “LL” Names Sold to Date
234 “LL.club” names have sold at an average of more than $4,000 each

Two letter (“LL”) domains are in limited quantity as there are only 676 possible combinations.  We did an analysis of where .CLUB stands with our own “LL.club” inventory.

In summary, we have sold just over 1/3 of our available LL.club domains for a total of $940,715.19, at an average price of $4,020.15 per domain.

Here are the details:

  • Number of LL.club names sold: 234
  • Total of LL.club names sales: $940,715.19
  • Average sales price per LL.club name: $4,020.15
  • 31club names sold for $5,000 or more
  • 191club names sold for $4,000 or more
  • Number of remaining LL names available: 442

According to .CLUB CEO Colin Campbell, “We continue to see a healthy market for our premium names, including our LL names. With one third of our LL inventory already sold for strong prices, we expect their value to increase, as well as the value of our remaining LL names.”

Here are the 31 LL.club names that sold for $5,000 or more:

Domain Price
mj.club  $15,000.00
pc.club  $9,750.00
tt.club  $7,788.00
ly.club  $7,751.00
dj.club  $7,200.00
zq.club  $6,600.00
bj.club  $6,150.00
qc.club  $6,050.00
zj.club  $6,001.00
qb.club  $5,899.00
ds.club  $5,751.00
js.club  $5,750.00
co.club  $5,655.00
jc.club  $5,500.00
pk.club  $5,500.00
xx.club  $5,338.27
sq.club  $5,251.00
jd.club  $5,250.00
ym.club  $5,250.00
yx.club  $5,250.00
cg.club  $5,000.00
dk.club  $5,000.00
gw.club  $5,000.00
gz.club  $5,000.00
hj.club  $5,000.00
kf.club  $5,000.00
pj.club  $5,000.00
tb.club  $5,000.00
yc.club  $5,000.00
yq.club  $5,000.00
zs.club  $5,000.00


For more information email jeff at get.club. You can download a PDF copy of this report here.

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