Salute to International Women’s Day! A Tea Party for the Women in .CLUB

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The .CLUB team likes to take advantage of the small pleasures of life. We believe that these small pleasures in life lead people to pursuing their passions. Of course, pursuing a passion is one of the most important characteristics of what makes .CLUB such a great domain name extension.

For example, getting off work early once in a while is a small pleasure we all enjoy in life. Although it may seem like a small pleasure, the gesture actually has great symbolic meaning, especially in China.

We’re talking about International Women’s Day in China!

The holiday, celebrated every year on March 8, is a tribute to all women, and we decided to adopt this great holiday in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to show all of our female team members just how much we appreciate them at .CLUB.

Because this year’s Women’s Day is on a Sunday, we decided to celebrate it in advance. We invited our female .CLUB team members into our conference room, where our CEO, Colin Campbell, prepared tea and served it to them over a break. After our Chinese-style tea party, all our female team members were told to take the rest of the afternoon off.

It was a pleasure to serve tea and honor our female team members in celebration of Women’s Day.  You too can show your support for women everywhere by registering a domain that shows your appreciation for women and supports female and women-oriented clubs, associations and interests.

Stay tuned for more blogs about .CLUB and Chinese holidays!

Happy Women’s Day 2015!











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Among the amazing women working in the .CLUB office today are Michele Van Tilborg, Nicole Campbell, Jessica Yu, and Bianca Ticu (pictured above).

上图是我们几位优秀的女员工代表:Michele Van Tilborg, Nicole Campbell, Jessica Yu, and Bianca Ticu

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