Snap[Names] Now Offers .CLUB Dropping Names

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Mining for gold…

A common but accurate idiom often used to describe “the drop” of domain names not renewed and then deleted by the registry. In fact, the sale of deleted domains has spun into a thriving market that often times include great deals and occasionally highly-competitive auctions.

And, yes, there are hundreds of thousands of valuable domains that get deleted (not renewed) every year. Reasons for valuable domains not being renewed range from forgotten registrar passwords, abandoned/incorrect emails, expired credit cards, company employees leaving without handing off access and the list goes on. You name it, it has happened at some point.

It’s all part of the ecosystem. That’s where aftermarkets such as SnapNames, NameJet and others come into the picture. They work to create an equitable means for the market to acquire and set the selling price via an auction. Why would someone just not wait and hand-register these domains? Quite simply, given rapid-fire automation it is virtually impossible, resulting in zero chance of getting the “good” domains.

Beginning today, deleting domains will be available through SnapNames for auction.  Just like other domain extensions, there are some excellent .CLUB domains that are dropping. Additionally, in the interest of fueling a thriving marketplace for .CLUB domains,  we will be including certain premium non-renewed deleted domains into these auctions for a limited time.  Premium names not sold in the auctions will continue to be reserved by the registry for future tiered premium registration access.

Be sure to sift through the list, there are some real gems that would otherwise be priced at many multiples of the starting bid.

Find the download list here and search for .CLUB deleted domains here .


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Michele Van Tilborg

Michele Van Tilborg is the Vice President of Business Development for .CLUB. You can follow her on Twitter @VanGoblin.

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