A Solid Q4 Ends A Growth Year of Over $1.6 Million in 2017 .CLUB Premium Name Sales

2017 was a significant year for .CLUB Premium Name sales as we expanded our inventory and activities with our tiered premium program through the registrar channel and launched the Get.club platform with the Easy Payment program, offering 60-month financing to make it easy for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get a great, brandable domain name at a reasonable monthly price. Q4 total topline premium sales of $356,149.47 brought 2017 topline annual sales to more than $1.6 million, driving cumulative premium sales since inception to more than $6 million, a milestone for a single new domain extension. Demand and prices for .CLUB premium names continue to increase, and while not a sale by the Registry and not included in this report’s numbers, Domain Name Journal has reported the highest ever sale of a .CLUB name: $300,000 for “The.club” to an end-user – more than double the previous high sale of $140,000 for Wine.club.

During 2017 nearly 1,800 Registry reserved premium .CLUB names were sold, via auctions, through the registrar channel and aftermarket platforms, and directly by the Registry, generating $1,624,533.40 in total topline premium name sales for the year.  The .CLUB tiered premium program continues to be a great success, with 1,479 premium names sold by Registrars in 2017, including 324 names in Q4.

Total topline premium name sales for Q4 2017, from all sources, came to a solid $356,149.47, an increase of 217% over Q4 2016 sales of $112,180.39.

Total premium name sales for the full year of 2017 came to $1,624,533.40, an increase of 73% over 2016 sales of $941,121.78.

As of December 31, 2017, total cumulative sales of registry reserved premium .CLUB names came to $6,042,314.87, an increase of 39% over 2016 year-end cumulative sales of $4,339,289.05

.Notable sales in Q4 2017 included $67,500 for Travel.club, and $67,500 for Auto.club, both sold at Get.club via the Easy Payment program. Other 5-figure sales in Q4 included Privilege.club for $17,000 and Web.club for $18,000, also via the Get.club Easy Payment plan. In the registrar channel top sales for the quarter were $8,760 for Pay.club, sold by PDR; $8,247.98 for AG.club, sold by GoDaddy; and $7,686.87 paid for Club.club, sold by Chengdu West in China.  For all .CLUB premium names, the premium fee is one-time only, and renewals are at the low standard registration fee.


Q4 and the 2017 Year in Review

We introduced our tiered premium names to the registrar channel on July 1, 2015 and throughout 2017 the registrar channel continued to be a significant source of premium name sales for .CLUB. We continue to add new names to our tiered premium inventory as new names become available and as names are re-priced to accommodate the registrar pricing tiers. To download lists of the tiered premium names available through the registrar channel, click here.  As in the past, the top premium tiers available through the registrar channel are names priced up to $10,000.  Higher value names are available through Sedo.com, Afternic.com, and at Get.club.

This report reflects public registry reserved premium name sales that occurred and closed during Q4 2017 and the full year of 2017.


Q4 2017 – OVERVIEW

Total sales for the quarter was $356,149.47, including $144,299.47 in one-time payments and $211,850 in topline value of new Easy Payment subscriptions added during the period.

During the months of October, November, and December, a total of 349 premium names were sold by 29 different registrars as well as Sedo and directly by the Registry. There were no auctions held during the quarter. Total sales by registrars for Q4 were $142,988.47.   GoDaddy was the top registrar during the quarter with 130 sales for $50,615.20.  Alibaba in China was next with 94 premium names and sales of $34,509.40, followed by NameCheap with 23 sales for $6,870.81. Reinforcing .CLUB’s global appeal, premium name sales were made by registrars in 10 different countries, including the U.S., China, Russia, France, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Ukraine and more.  During the quarter 1 name was sold by Sedo and 24 names were sold directly by the Registry through the Get.club platform. Retail prices for premium names sold by Registrars during the quarter ranged from $49.56 to $8,760.06 (for Pay.club, sold by PDR.)

Here are the names sold by Registrars in Q4 2017 priced at $999.99 or more:

Domain Registrar  Selling Price 
pay.club PublicDomainRegistry.com $8,760.06
ag.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $8,247.98
club.club Chengdu West $7,686.87
42.club Alibaba Cloud Computing $5,975.05
easy.club Tucows Domains Inc. $3,000.00
legacy.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $2,999.99
summer.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $2,999.99
yes.club Alibaba Cloud Computing $2,992.23
master.club RU Center $2,831.09
guru.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $2,472.98
sunday.club Alibaba Cloud Computing $2,324.41
neon.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,999.99
dental.club united-domains AG $1,999.99
youth.club Alibaba Cloud Computing $1,797.25
international.club Name.com, Inc. $1,760.06
vic.club PublicDomainRegistry.com $1,760.06
cine.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,647.98
maya.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,647.98
rain.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,647.98
smartkids.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $1,647.98
paopao.club Alibaba Cloud Computing $1,552.98
language.club Alibaba Cloud Computing $1,552.58
coral.club RU Center $1,426.00
lady.club Alibaba Cloud Computing $1,200.47
lovely.club Alibaba Cloud Computing $1,200.47
sharing.club Alibaba Cloud Computing $1,200.47
creator.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $999.99
excelsior.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $999.99
jerseycity.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $999.99
legs.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $999.99
plate.club GoDaddy.com, LLC $999.99


Get.club and Easy Payment Plans

In Q1 we launched our Easy Payment plan at www.get.club, featuring 60-month, no interest payments for any premium name priced at over $1,000. During the quarter ending December 31, 2017, 24 names were sold directly by the Registry at get.club. 18 of the names sold are being paid in installments as part of the Easy Payment program, with a topline value of $211,850. At the end of Q4, there were 153 active Easy Payment subscriptions with a total topline value of $658,000. Of the 24 names sold via Get.club, 17 or 71% were sold through the .CLUB broker program.



2017 represented another tremendous year of growth for .CLUB and marked the year we joined the 1 million registration club.  Total registrations grew by 33% from 920,714 at year-end 2016 to 1,220,782 at December 31, 2017, according to data from ntldstats.com.

Figure 1. 2017 Registration Data from NTLDSTATS.COM


In 2017 we held 3 different auctions, starting with the NamesCon/RightoftheDot auction in January and including 2 auctions specifically targeting the Chinese market. Total auction revenue for 2017 was $54,395.28. While auction revenue in China was down as compared to 2016, during 2017 tiered premium sales from China continued to grow and contribute to sales with Chinese Registrars (not counting auctions) selling 338 names during the year for a total of $114,790.72.

A total of 54 different Registrars made sales of .CLUB premium names in 2017, as well as Sedo and the Registry itself.

The top three performing registrars in terms of volume and sales (excluding auctions) were GoDaddy, which sold 649 premium names for $237,696.23; Alibaba, which sold 261 names for $84,873.19; and NameCheap, which sold 141 names for $37,681.27.

In 2017 Sedo sold 60 names for $42,051.

A total of 41 names were sold in auctions in 2017 for a total of $54,395.28.

The Registry, through the Get.club platform, ended the year with sales of $817,266, including one-time payment sales of $159,266.

Total premium name sales for 2017 came to $1,624,533.40.



As many in the domain industry know, LLL and LLLL names have been very popular in markets such as China, including seemingly random combinations of letters, as well as words. Over time the value of LLL.CLUB and LLLL.CLUB names have continued to rise, and registry reserved LLL and LLLL names have moved up in pricing tiers over time, based on the increased demand. LLL words have also increased in value, marked by the recent sale of THE.CLUB for $300,000, WEB.CLUB for $18,000, ART.CLUB and LAW.CLUB for $9,000 each and CPA.CLUB and UFO.CLUB for $7,999.99 and $7,634 respectively. Four letter words have also sold well with AUTO.CLUB selling for $67,500, and LOVE.CLUB selling for $18,000 during 2017.

On February 7, 2018, remaining unregistered premium LLL.CLUB names (excluding words) will be moving into the $1,000 retail price tier and remaining unregistered LLLL.CLUB premium names (excluding words, V, and vowels) will be moving into a $20 retail tier. In 2017 there were 167 premium LLL.CLUB names sold with an average price of $942.86. There were 230 LLLL.CLUB premium names sold with an average price of $1,426.13.



Premium name sales through the registrar channel continue to be a substantial source of revenue for .CLUB, and the continued expansion of our tiered premium program to include new inventory and new Registrars have made strong contributions.

The introduction of Get.club and the Easy Payment program has been a clear success and demonstrates growing demand by end-users, businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to leverage brandable .CLUB names while paying a reasonable monthly fee. The active aftermarket for .CLUB names has also created opportunities for domain investors and brokers actively participating in the Get.club marketplace.

We thank all of our registrars and registrants for their support in 2017 and look forward to many more joining the .CLUB in 2018.


To download a PDF copy of this report click here.




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