Some Activities to Enjoy Outdoors with some Social Distance!

This is the final post in our’ Stay at Home’ series as thankfully, many places around the world are slowly beginning to loosen stay at home restrictions. Still, as we start to venture out again, it is strongly recommended to continue to practice social distancing. With that in mind, we thought we would focus this post on sports and activities that you can enjoy outdoors and still keep safely distanced from others. In our past posts, we introduced plenty of great websites with things to do, while you are at home. We covered topics like cooking, new hobbies, online games, book clubs, online courses, fitness, remote work, etc. Now we are happy to talk about activities you could do outside the home! Finally!

Summer is almost here, and we are sure you are as eager to enjoy outdoor activities as much as we are. Here are some great outdoor sports that you can enjoy while also keeping a safe social distance. Let the fun and games begin!

Water-Based Activities

As summer approaches, cold drinks and water sports are the best ways to get through the hot weather. Boating is a great way to enjoy the water and the nice weather, and boating offers many opportunities to stay socially distanced. Kayaking, canoeing, and rowing can easily be done and enjoyed solo, as well as sailing or motoring small boats. In larger boats, there is often room to stay the recommended distance apart from others. If you love water and things related to it, then is the perfect place for you to be. They have various articles written on Water sports, Water Parks, and Destinations that will help you in exploring many new places and adventures., a water sports club that will reopen on the 28th of June, is also worth looking forward to. enables young sailors to achieve their full potential and enjoy sailing as a lifetime sport. And they also aim to increase the enjoyment and safety of water activities in their community. Torbay sailing club has developed the above mission statements as being clear statements of their intention to encourage young people into the water to sail, to grow from the experience, and to learn respect for both people and the environment in the process.


Running is often considered a solitary sport, which makes it a great outdoor activity for “maintaining social distance” – just don’t participate in a crowded race! Even if you are not literally running with the crowd, it is helpful and encouraging to engage with a community of like-minded runners for motivation and inspiration to get up, get those running shoes on and get out and run. For example, is a runner community organized by running enthusiasts. There are running projects suitable for various stages, and experienced members can help you solve any of your running issues. The is ideal for everyone who loves running! from India is another strong running community that promotes the goal of “Making India Run”! organized many running events in 2019 and won praise from many professional athletes, and is beginning to plan events for this year as well. Both running clubs can help you organize small running groups and help you improve your solo running skills.


Cycling is also a great solo sport, similar to running. With a backpack and a bicycle, you can enjoy all the beautiful scenery along the way, and keep safe and healthy. Whether traveling between the tall buildings and communities in the city or on the quiet roads on the outskirts of the town, cycling has always been a sport that many people love to do. In fact, even during the “stay at home” period bicycles have dramatically increased in popularity and have even sold out in many areas. Now is a great time to take out your bike and enjoy your cycling time!

If you want to do professional cycling, a simple bike may not be enough. You also need some professional cycling equipment. Examples include cycling water bottles, clothing, and backpacks. is a brand specializing in cycling equipment that combines modern design and cycling. They aim to bring fun and cycling together through top-notch quality apparel. More than a sporty cycling project, promotes its underlying culture of art & people devoting their life to cycling. This statement comes to life by partnering with local riders, bike shops, and artists.

In addition to looking for a professional cycling club, if you are an IT professional, you can also try the website. IT Games Club is for IT professionals who want to be active, run, race, play golf, or cycle. Regardless of your career, if you would like to focus on outside passions, with a community to help you train, no matter your fitness level, then join the IT Games Club. As a member, you get free training gear offers, free race entries offers, free motivation and free prize draw for serious sports giveaways. IT Games Club is here to help you get away from your desk, get active, and succeed in health and in your career. Work doesn’t have to be computers only!

We hope you enjoy these recommendations and can participate in outdoor activities you like. If you can recommend other websites we should feature, please send an email to to let us know.

Stay safe and healthy!

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