South Florida Business Journal Covers .CLUB (and our “chunk” of the Internet)

SFBJ.CLUB was recently featured in a cover story in the South Florida Business Journal both in their online and print edition.  According to the article,

“Colin Campbell isn’t a billionaire. He doesn’t work for Google or He doesn’t live in Silicon Valley. But the unassuming Canadian, operating from a downtown Fort Lauderdale high-rise, now controls a huge new chunk of the Internet.”

There are some nice insights in the article, as well as comments from others in the Domain Name industry.  The introduction of new domain name extensions is still very much in its infancy, so exposure to the mainstream through business publications like South Florida Business Journal is an important part of growing awareness in the business and consumer sectors.

If interested, you can download a PDF of the print version of the article here.


In addition to the article, the South Florida Business Journal captured a short video about the origins of .CLUB.



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