Successful Companies using .CLUB names in China!

Every brand, big or small, has a unique name. Some brands prefer to combine names with their products or services, and some come from the founder’s personal history or family name. But more and more entrepreneurs choose to create a new ‘word’ for their brand which may or may not have a recognized meaning. And of course, with the advent of the Internet, brands must have their unique domain names too.

In recent years, the release of new top-level extensions has provided entrepreneurs with more choices in their official website addresses. Using a domain extension that adds value to your name is important. And by choosing a domain name that has meaning, such as Overlake Golf Club using, it can reduce marketing efforts and help make it easier to convey what you do to the public. If you do choose a made up word with no meaning for your brand, adding an extension relevant to your business can help a great deal.

Many entrepreneurs adopt the .CLUB domain with its natural membership and social attributes. On the .CLUB team’s trip to China, we visited several successful companies using .CLUB names in China. For example, is an innovative fitness club we visited which had a specific reason to choose the name (watch the video to find out). We had some fun at the night club called located in Chengdu. We even found a Chinese Medical hospital named in Shanghai, which caters to the treatment of children.

Check out this video we put together during our China visit!

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