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Bicycles have again become one of the most common short-distance modes of transportation, thanks to COVID-19. As reported in India & the USA, bicycle sales during the past few months have boomed. After more than 500 years of development from a prototype of Da Vinci’s manuscript in 1490, the sale of bicycles had gone down since the development of motor vehicles. However, with the advent of social distancing and staying home, consumers have taken up a renewed interest in cycling as a recreational & family activity, as well as a means of safe local transportation. Moreover, compared to other modes of transportation, cycling is not only environmentally friendly but also a very healthy way of travel, and it is the best choice for short-distance transportation. With the rising interest, even the investment community has been putting their bets on shared bikes, virtual bicycling, e-bikes, and riding workouts. This year, the world-famous 117-year-old Tour de France, one of the most-watched sports events in the world, has been postponed! Although this game is postponed to August this year, people’s expectations of it have not diminished.

As an excellent community sport, cycling clubs have been growing around the world. We have seen many cycling clubs use a .CLUB domain, which makes perfect sense. We have also seen many cycling-related industries prefer the choice of a .CLUB domain name. Below are three great cycling-related brands or clubs we have recently discovered:


As a sport, cycling competitions also have a long history. Many riders are keen to participate in various riding competitions. Radhelden.club is both a community for organized cycling in Germany. As a central online platform, it specializes in hosting all kinds of cycling competitions. Each year, they host cycling competitions for different ages, and they also have cycling training programs. If you are in Germany and like cycling, don’t miss the beautiful community  Radhelden.club has to offer!


Bikeituk.club, funded by a keen cyclist/YouTuber, showcases vintage road bike restorations plus bicycle maintenance videos. Their Video section features inspiring videos showing everything from a full bike restoration to bicycle care articles. The Maintenance section has helpful articles and videos for bicycle maintenance. Have you ever wanted to find out what your retro bike looked like new? Then their Catalogues section may be able to help you find free downloadable historic bicycle catalogs in PDF format and completely FREE to download. Bikeituk.club’s online Shop offers FREE Worldwide Shipping. It offers Retro Cycling Clothing, Bicycle Restorations, and World Exclusive Brake Lever Stickers. Visit bikeituk.club and see for yourself!


The French word fringale means a craving or desire, and if you have a craving for cycling Fringale.club brings fun and cycling together in top-notch quality apparel. Fringale’s products are made for sportive cyclists riding with friends or solo, eager to discover new landscapes through the roads. Cycling always comes with a touch of pain, but above all, it’s a pleasure earned from every ride that makes it unique. Based on this concept, Fringale.club has teamed up with top designers and uses excellent fabrics to bring a more comfortable and stylish sports experience to cycling enthusiasts. At the same time, Fringale.club also features stories and content to feed the hunger – the fringale – of the cycling crowd. We have previously featured Fringale.club in our post about safe outdoor activities post COVID lockdowns

As a sport with history and renewed utility, cycling brands are continually breaking through, with innovative and inspiring online presences. These are just a few examples of the thousands of cycling clubs, communities and businesses that use a .CLUB domain. Remember to email us at  info@get.club and tell us your passion for cycling and any cycling .CLUBs you may have encountered!

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