The Rise of the Fast Fashion Club

The months of February and September are known as fashion months. Why? Because multiple fashion weeks are held in the big four fashion capitals- New York, London, Milan, and Paris. February displays the ‘fall collections’ while the ‘spring collections’ are displayed in September. One of the most important topics discussed over these fashion weeks is the importance of sustainable fashion vs. the current fast-fashion craze.

Fast fashion is a current trend that has been thriving with the involvement of giant global garment producers and retailers. Fast fashion basically is the behavioral trend of buying clothes for short uses, discarding them, and buying again to follow the latest fashion trend. For example, Zara, a prominent brand among young consumers in many countries, produces over 450 million garments a year and release about 20,000 designs a year. This massive production of low-priced clothes and constantly changing styles have also pushed customers to purchase and change garments more frequently. Compared to 2000, by 2014 an average consumer bought 60% more clothing but kept each garment half as long. This constant buying and discarding fashion model has impacted the world significantly. The annual value of clothing discarded is $400 Billion!

Moreover, the carbon footprint due to this three trillion-dollar industry is ever rising. Around 1.2 Billion tons of CO2 is emitted from this industry. This is about 8% of the global emissions and is more than is created by air travel or international shipping.

As a result, sustainable fashion or ‘eco-fashion’ is an upcoming movement that focuses on reducing the harmful effects of fast fashion and the effects of frenzied production of clothing. The movement focuses on reducing, reusing, and recycling of all fashion-related products. When it comes to reusing clothes, multiple companies have come up with subscription or ‘member-only’ models where customers can rent an item for use and then return it to be used again by another customer.

A great sustainable fashion website we spotted recently is, which is a monthly subscription service for bag lovers. As Cocoon mentions on their website, is for people who really love handbags and see them as a fashion statement and much more than a means of carrying things around. They offer curation of the most sought-after new-season, vintage, and limited-edition bags and purses on the market. By becoming a member of, you can rent from their exclusive handbag collection, use it and then return it when done. is getting a lot of media attention, and in the past year alone they have been mentioned in Vogue, The Times and Yahoo Style.

With fashion and styles changing so quickly, it is wasteful to buy an accessory you may only use a few times. Environmentally conscious companies that give consumers access over ownership to products or services have been starting up around the world, many using a .CLUB domain name. is another company that gives you access to rent jewelry on an hourly or daily basis. As membership is always a requirement for these innovative businesses, a .CLUB domain name is a natural choice.

Have you spotted or used a fashion club? Please let us know and we can add it to this article.

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