The TLD’s Are Coming, The TLD’s Are Coming!

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If you are visiting this blog you are probably well aware that there is an invasion coming our way.  It is not the British, nor is it the Italians (as the clever FIAT commercial below would have you believe).  No, if Paul Revere were here, and if he was paying attention to the Internet, he’d be riding through the streets of your town declaring “the TLD‘s are coming, the TLD’s are coming!

The Name’s The Thing

It is true that we are about to be invaded by hundreds of new Top Level Domain extensions.  Some are obvious choices such as .web, .app and .shop, and some are a bit more obscure like .WTF or .Ninja.  While some companies have gone after dozens if not hundreds of new names (read Donuts, Google, Amazon, TLDH, Unregistry, etc.), we have been singularly focused on one word: CLUB.

Why .CLUB?

There are millions of clubs reasons we are excited to be the registry for .CLUB.  Not only is “CLUB” a global word, with the same spelling and meaning all over the world, but “CLUB” adds meaning and marketing value to any word that precedes it. might be a place to buy books (in fact, it redirects to immediately resonates as a category killer for people who are passionate about books. As an example of how pervasive the word “club” is, take another look at the FIAT commercial below.  In a quick scene, once it is known the “Italians” are coming, they switch a sign from “Pub” to “Club.”  “Pub” was boring.  “Club” made it fresh and exciting, and added meaning. The sexy and stylish Italians would be excited to be part of a club.  We are too.

Jeff Sass is .CLUB’s Chief Marketing Officer.  You can follow him on Twitter at @sass

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Jeff Sass

Jeff Sass is .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sass.

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