Tinder’s Former Head of European Comms Launches Online Training for Brand Growth – TheBrandAccelerator.club

“Over the past 10 years’ I’ve worked with many startups who waste money by making the wrong marketing decisions. The Brand Accelerator™ is a week-by-week guide to fast-tracking brand growth.”

That is how Tinder’s former Head Of European Comms, Hermione Way, describes TheBrandAccelerator.club, which she just launched. The 12-Month-Brand-Accelerator-Program™ is an online course specifically designed to help early stage technology startups grow into international brands. Each month members of the club will get a training video along with opportunities to gain exposure to Hermione Way’s network which she has spent 10 years’ building. She developed The Brand Accelerator Members Club™ to help companies fast-track their growth.

Hermione Way, the Brand Accelerator

“The reason I choose a .club domain is because my product is a monthly member’s club where people gain access to my skills and services,” said Way, which makes perfect sense to us. The Brand Accelerator Club also seems to be a great way for Way to scale and offer her insights and experience to a wide range of startups seeking to build their brand in a very competitive market.

In addition to Tinder, Hermione Way has been an active entrepreneur, journalist and PR and Marketing consultant, appearing on behalf of clients on BBC World News, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and numerous publications from Wired to Women’s Health. She was also a primary cast member of the show Startups Silicon Valley, which was broadcast on the Bravo TV network.

We’re very happy to welcome Hermione and The Brand Accelerator into the .CLUB!

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