Two Great Videos For Entrepreneurs: Colin Campbell’s Keynote and “Lessons From The Edge”

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Most Domain Investors are actually serial entrepreneurs.  They have great business ideas and often build on them after starting with a great domain name.  Countless successful businesses have been launched by the talented women and men of the Domain Industry. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that a lot of the great content at the recent The Domain Conference focused on the experiences of entrepreneurs.

Two of the highlights of the event were sessions on entrepreneurship led by members of the .CLUB team.  On Tuesday morning at The Domain Conference .CLUB CEO Colin Campbell give an inspiring keynote on his journey as a serial entrepreneur.  Colin shared his thoughts on how he uses the concept of “People, Money, Story and Systems” to “Start, Scale, Exit and Repeat” successful businesses.  Below is the video of Colin’s keynote:

In Colin’s talk he made mention of the “Lessons From The Edge” panel at the inaugural “Startup Saturday” event.  The “Lessons From The Edge” panel was moderated by .CLUB CMO Jeff Sass and featured Colin, Barry Kates of the Innovative Group and Domain Investor/Developer, George Verdugo (,,  Ron Jackson raved about the panel in calling it “one of the best panel discussions I’ve seen at any conference anywhere.”

Below is the video of the “Lessons From The Edge”…

Thanks again to Barbara, Howard and Ray Neu for organizing the Startup Saturday and The Domain Conference events.

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