The Value of Chicken Soup in China

When I was young, I remember when I got sick, my grandmother would always cook me some chicken soup. She always says chicken soup is the best medicine to heal sick people. So 20 years later, I am still a big fan of chicken soup, because my feeling is always attached to it.

In China, we have a term “Xin Ling Ji Tang” 心灵鸡汤, it means “chicken soup for heart.” Articles that are written to cheer people up or guide you through the hard times are generally called “ji tang” articles.


“Du Ji Tang”毒鸡汤, which means “poisonous chicken soup” in English, is another type of article that cheers people up in a sarcastic and realistic way. During 2014, in China, people started to get tired of reading positive articles all the time, and “Du Ji Tang” articles went viral on the Internet, and most people thought they were funny, realistic and made them see the world clearer in a way.

Here is an interesting example of “Du Ji Tang”:

A little boy was asking a rich man, “why are you so rich?” the rich man said, “young boy, let me tell you a story. When I was young like your age, I noticed the water is sold for $1 for one bottle under my building, but 3 miles away in a basketball court, bottled waters are sold for $1.50 each. So I brought a huge backpack, I bought water from the place under my building and sold them to people at the basketball court for $1.20. In a month, I made $10.” The young boy said, “ I think I might have understood.” The rich man said, “No, you understood nothing. Because my father passed away, and he left me all his money.”

Bad news for the boy I guess? But a good example of Du Ji Tang.

Here is some good news for you:, Jitang.Club and are still available for registration.  Someone has already registered I wonder if they are aware of this meaning of their name?

Chinese Naming Tip: Sometimes even words that sound negative in their English translation (for example “poisonous chicken soup”) can have a more trendy and positive meaning in Chinese usage, making it a more valuable and brandable domain name as well.



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