What is Clubhouse? A Beginner’s Guide

Keeping up with the latest and hottest social media apps can be tiring. But staying on top of trends can be highly beneficial to your business–and, let’s be honest, delving into any social media buzz can even be fun.

That’s why it’s time to brush up on Clubhouse. While TikTok and Instagram are largely powered by shared videos and images, Clubhouse is powered by audio chats. The social networking app allows users to listen in on conversations, exclusive interviews and in-depth discussions between their favorite celebrities and other interesting personalities and experts. In other words, Clubhouse takes podcasts to a whole new level. 

Unlike pre-recorded podcasts, listeners tune into live talks. Think of a live conference call where some people are featured speakers, and most are just listening in.  Once the chat is over, the room is closed and the entire conversation room shutters and disappears. Poof! But beware, users are still able to record the live conversation. 

The audio chats carry an air of exclusivity, as Clubhouse is invite only. An existing member must invite you from their app to create an official account. If a member invites you, you will receive a text message with a link that will allow you to sign up.

Once you’re in you can select your favorite topics, be it business, sports, fashion, books and more. The app gets to know your preferences in order to recommend the right conversation rooms and members to follow or join. As a new user you will have the ability to invite two people at first, and this capability will build up over time.

While early social media apps like Facebook took nearly a decade to build its user base of 1 billion people, Clubhouse seems to be growing at a very rapid rate. It all started in March 2020, when tech entrepreneurs Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth launched the app with roughly 1,500 beta test users. The pandemic-era success story currently states that it has more than 10 million users.

The app is expected to amass more members as it continues to innovate. It recently launched in-room games to spur more conversations between users. It also unveiled a “dark mode” allowing the screen to turn gray for late-night Clubhouse chats.  

The app can be viewed as a vehicle for learning new trends, tips and news. Business owners, for instance, can listen to conversations among influential founders, venture capital investors, politicians and celebrities. People can ask questions and receive expert advice on the spot. 

Members can start and host their own chat rooms in order to build their own expertise and following. It’s a great app for discovering new ideas and cultivating leads and contacts for your venture. 

Needless to say, Clubhouse is also an excellent way to reach Gen Z and Millennials. Over half of social audio app Clubhouse users in the United States are between 18 and 34 years old, according to Statista. So it’s worth routinely brushing up on social media in order to stay ahead of the curve as an entrepreneur. 

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