What’s Cooking? Things to do During your ‘Stay at Home’ Time


The past few weeks, and for some people around the world, even longer, have been very difficult as the guidelines to help prevent the spread of the  COVID-19 virus have placed us in a ‘stay at home’ situation. Our regular schedules have been disrupted as we adjust to being confined to our homes. On the other hand, this has left many of us with more free time on our hands. With that in mind, this could be the perfect time to dive into that hobby or passion that you always wanted to start. We are fortunate to live in an age where being at home does not restrict our access to information. The internet is filled with great content and tools to deliver tutorials, lessons, and countless activities we can use to grow and learn during this time at home.

Being an internet business, we are blessed to be able to work from home smoothly. However, we understand it’s not the same for many. We know there are many .CLUB businesses that offer activities and products that may help you pass the time, learn a new skill, pursue a passion, or entertain you and your family. With that in mind, this is the first in a series of blog posts that will highlight websites and businesses that promote or provide activities you can do in the comfort of your home.  

In this post, we focus on the activity of cooking. Since we can’t go out to our favorite restaurants now, it is the perfect time to brush up on or improve your cooking skills. And cooking can be a very enjoyable activity if you are alone, and a very social activity if you are cooking with your family. There is something about figuring out a recipe, finding ingredients, and the right tools to create a great meal at home that is very satisfying. Moreover, delicious food always brings a sense of comfort and happiness for both you and your family!

Here are some cooking-related websites that we thought may be of interest to you at this time:

CookTasty.club or FoodMan.club

There are a wealth of recipe resources online to choose from, and Cooktasty.club is one of them. It is a culinary-related website from Russia that provides not only many cooking skills but also a lot of detailed recipes rich in Russian characteristics. They have various sections for appetizers, seafood, salads, sauces and many more. FoodMan.club is another Russian website where there are amazing recipes with a video guide that will help you cook a great meal. Here you can pick a recipe you like and go ahead to surprise your family! While both of these sites are in Russian, thanks to Google Translate it is easy for you to use their great recipes.


Chef Zach Sass Cooking

If you are not super confident about your cooking skills, you can hire a virtual chef who can help you out. With time in hand, this a great opportunity to improve your cooking skills. Chef Zach Sass (son of .CLUB CMO, Jeff Sass) will help you with this by guiding you through with great tips and tricks to make a great dish. Send in the ingredients you already have at home and the chef will send you 3 – 5 possible meal choices. Choose the one you want to prepare and jump on a video call with him, where he will walk you through a fun and delicious cooking experience, from prep to plating. Chef Zach Sass was the executive chef at Nashville Underground and is among the many people in the food restaurant industry who were laid off due to COVID-19 restaurant closings.


Sorted. club Cooking

Sorted.club is a global members club that helps you to live the ultimate food lifestyle. Members have access to online information and smart apps to learn, explore and change their food routines for the better. But during this time we are here to talk about Sorted.club’s books section. Sorted.club has a full collection of recipes which you can access via the app. Here you can find recipes for every occasion or even recipes for your leftovers. It also has multiple recipes you can use to prepare a feast for your family. You can find the app here.

We hope you find these websites interesting and useful and wish you delicious success with preparing a great meal or learning a new dish.  If you use one of these sites, please let us know how it turns out for you. Email us at info@get.club.

Please stay safe and healthy, and stay tuned for our next article featuring passions you can pursue at home.

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