What’s “Hot” In China? If You Like Boy Bands, Read On…

(Editor’s Note: Lin Liu is the China Market Manager for Beijing Club Domains Technology Co. Ltd, which is our wholly owned Chinese business entity). Inspired by the great work Kassey Lee does at his “Coreile Letter” blog, this is the first in a series of blog posts from Lin highlighting the different Chinese meanings of available .CLUB premium names.)

I was born in Beijing, the capitol of China. While I went to College in the USA, Beijing remains my home and I feel I have a great understanding of both Western and Chinese cultures. Spending most of my life in China, I know this country is very trendy, and people like to chase the trend and follow their idols. If you see one fashion trend started in the Western world, you most likely would see some Chinese celebrities wear the same clothes within just a few days.

For example, I remember during the year of 2014, Jay Chow, a super star in China, posted a picture of him and his wife wearing “grass” on their heads. The picture went viral so quickly, and the next day, you can pretty much see one out of five young people are also wearing “grass” on their heads. (You can learn more about Jay Chow at his website www.Jay2U.club)


Recently, the term “xiao xian rou” becomes very popular in China. It is a term being used to describe the type of Chinese young men who are very good looking, but also looking very young. They should be under 30 years old to be called “xiao xian rou.” The meaning of the term in English is “young fresh meat” (which may have a slightly different connotation in English than it does in Chinese, where it is fun and desirable).

Recently, a movie star whose name is Yang Yang played in a “college teen” TV series. He immediately became the number 1 “xiao xian rou” whom all teenage girls want to meet and date. Another interesting fact is Chinese people love to stay looking young. That could the reason why “xiao xian rou” is so popular.


Both xiaoxianrou.club and xxr.club are still available, and I encourage you to consider registering them before some Chinese folks grab it. The term is very hot in Chinese culture, and it is the best timing to get it now.

Chinese Naming Tip: You notice that I suggested xxr.club as an abbreviation for xiao xian rou. For domain names in China, where short is preferred, it is very common to use the first letters of words as the abbreviation. Keep this in mind when considering names that will have added value in China.

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Lin Liu

Lin Liu is the China Market Manager for Beijing Club Domains Technology Co. Ltd, which is the wholly owned Chinese business entity for .CLUB Domains, LLC.

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